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DAS limbs for BBB frankenbow?

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HuumanCreed 23-Jun-22
Viper 23-Jun-22
selstickbow 23-Jun-22
From: HuumanCreed
Date: 23-Jun-22

Good day,

I found a Bear Black Bear at a flea market. I'm considering ILF plates for it. But I was reading about DAS limbs. I was wondering if it possible to use DAS limbs system instead? That you would only need some padding and to drill a hole.

Just from the look of it, all I need is to drill a hole in the pocket of the riser to bolt the limb's 2nd hole into.

Just wondering if anyone has done this or see a reason why I cannot. Thank you very much!

From: Viper
Date: 23-Jun-22

H -

Unless something changed, the "DAS" limbs are just ILF limbs with a bushing change. Might be easier to just go back to the ILF dovetail.

Viper out.

From: selstickbow
Date: 23-Jun-22

selstickbow's embedded Photo

YOU CAN, keep in mind, on the belly side where thumbscrew KNOB is, you will need to machine a FLAT in there, for it to HOME on....since the belly side (there) IS ANGLED. SEE what I did with a 3/16" thick plastic plate. Carefully fit it in, and carefully locate the spot for the DAS bushing to be. DAS bushing becomes a PIN only, in this way. Thumbscrews not needed. simple. Can pad with rubber. SINCE das bushing in this case is used as a PIN, not moving, the tiller bolts will not be adjustable, they just find a happy place and stay there (through experimentation). It's a bolt down proposal, with minor adjustments available. I prefer full DAS but this is simple. String pressure keeps it all in place, BUSHING in hole prevents lateral movement so precise fit is important. IF you go full DAS - bushing sits in a shallow channel you will need to machine in.... IF tiller bolts get adjusted ANY, the bushing needs to move - some - fore & aft....similar to ILF fittings moving in riser a little as bolts are adjusted. CAN go mostly DAS without the channel cut, locate & drill the thumbscrew hole, use thumbscrew, mill the flat in belly side for it, and only adjust tiller bolts minimally.

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