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Sugru to re-shape a grip...

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JTK 22-Jun-22
Brian waters 22-Jun-22
JTK 23-Jun-22
Brian waters 23-Jun-22
From: JTK
Date: 22-Jun-22 gadget/how-to-make-custom-grips-for-your-camera

Lancaster sells this stuff (Sugru) to build up your bow grip (instead of camera). Can't attest to it but somebody at Lancaster did for a Hoyt in place of no grip at all (I wrap with tennis racket tape instead).

From: Brian waters
Date: 22-Jun-22

Ive used to to modify shelves to my liking. Filed to shape and painted. Worked pretty good.

From: JTK
Date: 23-Jun-22

Brian, you may have turned me on to Shugru for a Hoyt Gold Medalist ..I wound up wrapping the skinny metal grip with a little baseball bat (or tennis racket?) tape and creating a shelf by laminating some thick buckskin. That modified GM is actually great with bare metal and no grip, but a wrap of that tape helps in hot weather. Now I have 2 GMs, one with proper elevated rest and standard plastic grip and the other kosher off-the-shelf for trad in uptight 3Ds.

From: Brian waters
Date: 23-Jun-22

Thats a good riser. Ive also used bondo with metal flake, it works great but can be pricey. Make sure to rough up the shelf 1st to make sure it bonds nicely. Do the shelf in layers and let it cure, then file or sand to make the shelf how ya like it. With the right limbs, that rig can be used at some 3d that are "classic" bows only.

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