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TwinOaks Critter shoot

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Pappy 1952 22-Jun-22
Clydebow 22-Jun-22
THarris 22-Jun-22
Dano 22-Jun-22
PO Cedar 22-Jun-22
BigB 23-Jun-22
Pappy 1952 23-Jun-22
Aeronut 23-Jun-22
Pappy 1952 26-Jun-22
eddie c 27-Jun-22
Dano 27-Jun-22
Pappy 1952 28-Jun-22
Dano 28-Jun-22
Pappy 1952 30-Jun-22
CrowFoot 02-Jul-22
Pappy 1952 03-Jul-22
From: Pappy 1952
Date: 22-Jun-22

Pappy 1952's embedded Photo

TwinOaks Bowhunters will be hosting an all Small critter shoot on July 16's at our home range. We are all about big targets but decided to do something a little different. Since we aren't doing the IBO world this year we decided to throw this one in Should be fun. It is a 1 day shoot but if any want to come in Friday our 27 target practice range will be open for you to shoot all you like.We are getting a good response so sounds like it could be a pretty good one.Hope some can make it. Pappy

From: Clydebow
Date: 22-Jun-22

I believe Nancy and I will be there.

From: THarris
Date: 22-Jun-22

Sounds like fun Pappy, we missed you at this year's Howard Hill Classic.

Terry Harris

From: Dano
Date: 22-Jun-22

Lots of folks from around me sure wish IBO had stuck with Twin Oak's for the IBO Trad Worlds.


From: PO Cedar Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 22-Jun-22

PO Cedar's embedded Photo

Keep practicing on those elk targets after this shoot, Pappy..September is just around the corner...These 12 came in the other evening...

From: BigB
Date: 23-Jun-22

Cool! Hope to make it.

From: Pappy 1952
Date: 23-Jun-22

Ya Dan we kind of do also but it was their decision and we wish them luck with it and hope it will continue to grow.I will Roger, plans are to be out west in early September!!!Clyde/Brandon hope yall can make it should be a fun shoot and a little different than what we are use to doing. Terry sorry i missed it also, always a great time at the HH,but life seems to get in the way of my plans sometimes.See yall soon. Pappy

From: Aeronut
Date: 23-Jun-22

Wish I lived closer. Sounds like a fun day.

From: Pappy 1952
Date: 26-Jun-22

I do also Dennis, I know it a long drive and we don expect for a 1 day shoot to be very big but thought it would be fun for those close enough to come out and enjoy.We don't do many shoots a year but thought we would throw this in since we aren't doing the IBO.Should be a little easier to pull off also. (: heck I might even get time to shoot myself. Pappy

From: eddie c
Date: 27-Jun-22

I hope to swing by but budget and gas prices are already cutting down on my trips this year.

From: Dano
Date: 27-Jun-22

The HH will be there with handful of Osage in his grip!


From: Pappy 1952
Date: 28-Jun-22

Hope you can make it Eddie, always good to see ya but understand, fuel prices stink right now. Good deal HH look forward to seeing you. Pappy

From: Dano
Date: 28-Jun-22

The HedgeHunter be in the house with Super after hettin her straightened out.


From: Pappy 1952
Date: 30-Jun-22

2 weeks away, hope some of yall can make it. Pappy

From: CrowFoot Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 02-Jul-22

Pappy do we get extra points if we shoot a real critter out on the range? Asking for a friend! =) See you soon!

From: Pappy 1952
Date: 03-Jul-22

Goober ,Maybe a chip monk and love to get rid of some of the grays especially close to the cabin. LOL. Pappy

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