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Anybody shot a Two Tracks Longwalker?

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ruintfletch 21-Jun-22
TradToTheBone 21-Jun-22
Fall Gray 21-Jun-22
chamookman 23-Jun-22
From: ruintfletch
Date: 21-Jun-22

Looking for input on the Longwalker by Two Tracks as to are they smooth, quick, quiet etc?Looking at a 64" model...

From: TradToTheBone
Date: 21-Jun-22

Aimsmall15 has one for sale in the classifieds.

From: Fall Gray
Date: 21-Jun-22

Probably why he is asking?? They shoot well, just not cut to center, so you have to realize that compared to some others. Great bows though!!

From: chamookman
Date: 23-Jun-22

Great Bow ! Been shooting one for Years - Fast and Quiet. Bob

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