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Big Jim’s bow quivers

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TradToTheBone 22-May-22
Fred Bauder 22-May-22
Kunzie 22-May-22
YH2268 22-May-22
treehermit 22-May-22
Carpdaddy 22-May-22
J. Julian 22-May-22
2 bears 22-May-22
Brian waters 22-May-22
Droptine 23-May-22
Murray Seratt 23-May-22
Buhbuh73 23-May-22
Wapiti - - M. S. 26-May-22
From: TradToTheBone
Date: 22-May-22

I’d would like to see pictures of his quivers along with any of your opinions. Thinking about buying one for use on r/d bows.

From: Fred Bauder
Date: 22-May-22

I’m not home now but I have one of Big Jims bow quivers along with quivers by Great Northern,Thunderhorn,and Selway.All are good.Anything made by Big Jim is going to be first rate.

From: Kunzie
Date: 22-May-22

I have a strap on. It is definitely top shelf. Would buy it again in a heartbeat.

From: YH2268 Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 22-May-22

I'm a big fan of Selway quivers, bolt-on and the slide-on, for my recurves,T/D and one piece bows. I thought they were a bit bulky on my LB's, so I went with the small to medium size Big Jim bows quivers for the LB's. They are a perfect match the LB's, lightweight and quiet.

From: treehermit
Date: 22-May-22

treehermit's embedded Photo

I use one on my DAS.

From: Carpdaddy
Date: 22-May-22

Carpdaddy's embedded Photo

I like his strap on quite well. For some type bows the arm to bring back the bottom of the arrows on the lower limb is preferred. Some don’t mind the arrows hanging down forward of the bow limbs and some do. If you do get the extra arm.

From: J. Julian
Date: 22-May-22

J. Julian 's embedded Photo

Love mine on my bodnik quickstik

From: 2 bears
Date: 22-May-22

Big Jim Has pictures of his quivers & great videos of installing & using them. They look first rate to me I just haven't needed another quiver. >>>----> Ken

From: Brian waters
Date: 22-May-22

Theyre great lightweight quivers. I suggest the use of his $20 deflex bracket. Angles the fletching away from the ground which comes in pretty handy for short bow especially...

From: Droptine Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 23-May-22

I have one on my bear takedown and really like it. I agree with what’s stated before get the reflex bracket sets a great angle and is solid

From: Murray Seratt Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 23-May-22

I have his strap on model for my Bob Lee recurve. I am very happy with it.


From: Buhbuh73
Date: 23-May-22

Just got a new big Jim's quiver they're my favorite quiver light weight easy to use had a selway it was well built but kinda bulky in my opinion oh the big Jim's is my second and I also have got them for my son and father in law

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 26-May-22

Like Big Jim's quivers or anything he makes.

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