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Satori brace height

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heftyhunter 13-May-22
heftyhunter 13-May-22
fdp 13-May-22
jk 13-May-22
George Vernon 14-May-22
From: heftyhunter
Date: 13-May-22

I have always thought string length is 4 inches shorter than amo. But Hoyt recommends a 57 1/4 inch string for my satori with med limbs. I know it is a starting point but 1 1/4 inch difference. What brace height is working for your satori. Ball park cause everyone is different.

From: heftyhunter
Date: 13-May-22

Mine is a 17 inch riser

From: fdp
Date: 13-May-22

AMO has always been 3" shoryer than bow length.

From: jk
Date: 13-May-22

Hoyt is no doubt "correct" but string diameter and material are relevant.

From: George Vernon Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-May-22

Hoyt does not follow the AMO spec. They say to use a string that is 2.75” shorter than the bow length. Maybe they are trying to allow for some stretch. I have found the 4” figure you have been using works very well for Dacron strings like B50, but not for low stretch strings. But that is just me. I have a 19” Satori with long limbs from Uukha making a 64’ bow. Hoyt says I should use a 61.25” string, but when I do, I can’t hit the low end of my recommended brace height (7.5-8.5”), without untwisting too much. I’m beginning to think not all ILF limbs of any given length are actually the same length when comparing limbs from other manufactures. So you may have to experiment by starting with the longer string and twisting it up to find the actual string length that gets you close to the brace height you want to use. Remove the string and measure the length under some tension. That is the actual string length to use and then make or order that length.

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