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Casekiska 15-Jan-22
grizzly63 15-Jan-22
Jegs.mi 15-Jan-22
Knifeman 15-Jan-22
fdp 15-Jan-22
George D. Stout 15-Jan-22
Bentstick54 15-Jan-22
Deno 15-Jan-22
Mike E 15-Jan-22
olddogrib 16-Jan-22
From: Casekiska
Date: 15-Jan-22

I have not been able to get onto the State/Regional forum today. It says Internal Server Error," anyone else having this problem? What do we do about this?

From: grizzly63
Date: 15-Jan-22

wait patiently

From: Jegs.mi Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 15-Jan-22

Just this evening I started getting the same thing.

From: Knifeman
Date: 15-Jan-22


From: fdp
Date: 15-Jan-22

It's a system error. They will get it resolved.

From: George D. Stout
Date: 15-Jan-22

Maybe maintenance...oil change and grease job.

From: Bentstick54
Date: 15-Jan-22

Yep me to.

From: Deno
Date: 15-Jan-22

Deno's embedded Photo

Off the air

From: Mike E
Date: 15-Jan-22

Pat removed the community forum to do some changes.

From: olddogrib
Date: 16-Jan-22

It's Frisky trying to sabotage Batman's internet service again!

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