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Western shoots

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Coyote 13-Jan-22
Matthew Wilson 13-Jan-22
Oldman 13-Jan-22
Coyote 13-Jan-22
cch 14-Jan-22
Peej 14-Jan-22
aromakr 14-Jan-22
John Horvers 14-Jan-22
John mccabe 14-Jan-22
Bootaka 14-Jan-22
Bugle up 14-Jan-22
From: Coyote
Date: 13-Jan-22

Does anyone have any info on the North American Longbow Safari or the Western States Traditional Rendezvous for 2022

From: Matthew Wilson Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Jan-22

Western States is Memorial Day weekend inEast Oregon.

From: Oldman
Date: 13-Jan-22

WSTR is in Oregon just out side of Legrand. I think the NALS is in limbo, it was supposed to be in Idaho in 2021 , but I dont remember if they had it

From: Coyote
Date: 13-Jan-22

Is there any info on the WSTR out yet, ie directions, registration, who is hosting it etc

From: cch
Date: 14-Jan-22

TBO is running it and last I heard was going to be in Tygh Valley again. They do a great job and can't beat the location. I am hoping to make it over.

From: Peej
Date: 14-Jan-22

NALS was held in New Meadows Idaho in 2021. Dont know if the location has been determined for 2022.

From: aromakr Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 14-Jan-22

The problem with NALS is the shoot alternates between the US and Canada, with the Covid situation its difficult to know what up!


From: John Horvers
Date: 14-Jan-22

WSTR will be held May 27-29 just outside LaGrande Oregon.

From: John mccabe
Date: 14-Jan-22

I hear the Chamberlain ranch shoot is on this year April 9th-10th

From: Bootaka
Date: 14-Jan-22

I was wondering if they were still holding the Chamberlain Ranch shoot. It was up in the air last time I was there. Great shoot and beautiful location! I can still smell the cilantro.

From: Bugle up
Date: 14-Jan-22

As mentioned above, the WSTR will be held a short drive out of La Grande, OR. I live in La Grande and am on the committee which is organizing it. I will help usher questions along if anyone wishes to email. [email protected]

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