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Left wing grizzly broadheads

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Maynard 06-Jan-22
fdp 06-Jan-22
monkeyball 06-Jan-22
redquebec 06-Jan-22
A Tag 06-Jan-22
cacciatore 07-Jan-22
George D. Stout 07-Jan-22
A Tag 07-Jan-22
Maynard 07-Jan-22
[email protected] 07-Jan-22
treetopper 07-Jan-22
tradmt 07-Jan-22
Harleywriter 07-Jan-22
timex 07-Jan-22
From: Maynard
Date: 06-Jan-22

I hunt with left wing grizzly broadheads how many guy's use them And if ya like em

From: fdp
Date: 06-Jan-22

They are all the same whether left or right bevel.

From: monkeyball
Date: 06-Jan-22

Hi Dana, I shoot the left bevel Grizzlys from time to time. I like them and the idea behind the head.

They shoot straight for me and are not hard to get hair shaving sharp, which is a "has to be" for me.

Good Shooting->->->->Craig

From: redquebec
Date: 06-Jan-22

They are all I shoot. Deadly, great flight. Easy to sharpen once you learn the trick.

From: A Tag
Date: 06-Jan-22

I had very good results with them this year. No complaints

From: cacciatore Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Jan-22

I shoot Grizzly left single bevel along other single bevel make.

From: George D. Stout
Date: 07-Jan-22

But then you can't shoot a walking deer that's moving to your right. You can only shoot them if they are walking left of you. I find that so unhandy.

From: A Tag
Date: 07-Jan-22


From: Maynard
Date: 07-Jan-22

I agree with George

From: [email protected]
Date: 07-Jan-22

I shot Grizzly heads years ago. No idea what side the bevel was on. Worked great. I was in the northern hemisphere so they must have been matched to my set-up. Luckily I didn't take them to Australia or South America. Could have been a disaster.

From: treetopper
Date: 07-Jan-22

George has been at this game a long time. Listen to the sage. I believe Glunt has hit on the "secret," however.

Enjoy the day!

From: tradmt
Date: 07-Jan-22

Well dang it George! That must be why I missed that caribou in ‘13 that was moving to my left! I’m always using right bevel. :)

I really like Grizzly heads, sturdy enough, good profile for penetration and a single bevel edge for unmatched sharpness. I did score some left bevel 160’s but I haven’t put them to use yet, I like to match wing with bevel and I just haven’t ordered left wing feathers yet as I have plenty of right bevel heads and right wing feathers.

From: Harleywriter
Date: 07-Jan-22

I shot Grizzlies for a long time and still do but settling in on Ace. Griz flew better than my field tips and I paid no attention to left or right bevel. Always have shot left wing feathers. Killed elk deer and antelope w/ mismatched bevel. I have trouble with the idea that broadhead keeps spinning as it penetrates your target. Just found some unopened griz the other day. Paid $3 apiece.

From: timex
Date: 07-Jan-22

I shot them for a few years but got away from them cause they tended to bend easier than other heads but I did kill a bunch of deer with em. If I'm not mistaken as of around 5 years ago there's a new manufacturer. About the same time the 3 blade grizzly instinct I think it's called came out. I believe the new design is a bit thicker than the original heads. Either way good heads.

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