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FIRST SHOT..........Wednesday, Jan 5th

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CD 05-Jan-22
HRhodes 05-Jan-22
Nemophilist 05-Jan-22
Batman 05-Jan-22
Kwikdraw 05-Jan-22
shootemstraight1 05-Jan-22
EZ Archer 05-Jan-22
SB 05-Jan-22
fishin coyote 05-Jan-22
bodymanbowyer 05-Jan-22
grizz 05-Jan-22
kstradhunter 05-Jan-22
From: CD
Date: 05-Jan-22

Ok, since it is cold everywhere... we can do a shot you can shoot inside! lol

5 yard precision shot. Aim small, miss small... the elusive q-tip, golf-Tee, or penny, etc

God bless,


From: HRhodes
Date: 05-Jan-22

HRhodes's embedded Photo

Good morning and thanks for the call. Nine yards at the 9 ball. Weather not so bad on the Mississippi coast this morning.

From: Nemophilist
Date: 05-Jan-22

Nemophilist's embedded Photo


5-yard precision shot.

1971 Bear Super Magnum, 55#@28", Cedar Arrow.

From: Batman
Date: 05-Jan-22

Good shooting so far. Do hope that Everyone is WELL/SAFE & WARM? GOOD HUNTING & BLESSED BE!

From: Kwikdraw
Date: 05-Jan-22

Kwikdraw's embedded Photo

Thanks Chad, shot as called, a little high today. Y'all have a great day and take care!

From: shootemstraight1
Date: 05-Jan-22

shootemstraight1's embedded Photo

Thanks for the call, CD. Unfortunately my target is froze to the concrete right now. On top of that this was technically my second shot. The first one bounced off the target. 12° on this beautiful day. Mike Treadway long bow 64” 50# @ 28” draw.

From: EZ Archer
Date: 05-Jan-22

EZ Archer's embedded Photo

Precision shot from around 5 or 6 yds. Going for the 1st D and just left of that- old Centaur Stallion. Thanks for the call!

From: SB
Date: 05-Jan-22

....And THAT'S why I don't leave my bag targets out in the weather!

From: fishin coyote
Date: 05-Jan-22

fishin coyote's embedded Photo

As called in the garage on a cold blustery afternoon. #1 was the higher one. Using the Freeman today.

Thanks for the call CD

From: bodymanbowyer
Date: 05-Jan-22

bodymanbowyer's embedded Photo

Good afternoon FS Shooters. Perfect call. I shot as called. Shooting my RKK Rendition of a 1959 64" Kodiak 40# at 28" Arrow is a GT trade blem 3555. Have a great night everyone, stay warm. 11 now and going down. JF

From: grizz
Date: 05-Jan-22

grizz's embedded Photo

Forgot to post this evening. As called Bodnik Super Slick Stick 50#’s and a 2114. Thanks CD and y’all have a great evening.

From: kstradhunter
Date: 05-Jan-22

kstradhunter's embedded Photo

Admittedly not first of day, shot a couple groups with bareshaft to make sure nock points were good with new limbs and string. First shot after going back out a while later, touched it but its in one piece. Samick Discovery/SF Premium limbs 47lb otf with 615gr arrow.

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