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FIRST SHOT...........Monday, Jan 3rd

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CD 03-Jan-22
HRhodes 03-Jan-22
Randog 03-Jan-22
HRhodes 03-Jan-22
Popester 03-Jan-22
Nemophilist 03-Jan-22
grizz 03-Jan-22
Batman 03-Jan-22
Jbranham5173 03-Jan-22
Snow Crow 03-Jan-22
Kwikdraw 03-Jan-22
shootemstraight1 03-Jan-22
From: CD
Date: 03-Jan-22

Today's shot will be a walk-up series from 25yds. Then 20, then 15.

Temp was in the low 80's here on Saturday... then something happened last night. Light 'white stuff' was blowing around in the breeze... seemed to be falling from the sky like rain... I googled it and best I can figure it is typically referred to as 'snow'. Go figure! :)

God bless,


From: HRhodes
Date: 03-Jan-22

HRhodes's embedded Photo

Good morning and thanks for the call. Turned cold again- and I am liking it. Y’all have a great day.

From: Randog
Date: 03-Jan-22

Nice shootin Howard.

From: HRhodes
Date: 03-Jan-22

Thanks Randy.

From: Popester
Date: 03-Jan-22

CD, If you figure in the wind chill, that's about 100 degrees warmer than we were.

From: Nemophilist
Date: 03-Jan-22

Nemophilist's embedded Photo


Finally, no rain but the temperature dropped to 25 degrees.

Walk-Up. 25, 20, and 15 yards.

1971 Bear Super Magnum, 55#@28", Cedar Arrows.

Thanks for the call CD.

From: grizz
Date: 03-Jan-22

Dang Frank, it’s ten degrees warmer there than here. Glad you’re getting a break in the rain. Good shootin guys.

From: Batman
Date: 03-Jan-22


From: Jbranham5173
Date: 03-Jan-22

Jbranham5173 's embedded Photo

Morning Nice call Temps dropped here also.we had mostly rain none of that strange white stuff! Lol

From: Snow Crow
Date: 03-Jan-22

Snow Crow's embedded Photo

Walkup as called, thanks CD! Finally got up to a balmy 18F.

25-20-15 = blue-green-yellow .

From: Kwikdraw
Date: 03-Jan-22

Kwikdraw's embedded Photo

Thanks CD, shots as called, walk up, y'all have a great week and be careful!

From: shootemstraight1
Date: 03-Jan-22

shootemstraight1's embedded Photo

Not good today guys. I felt the jerk left upon release. If it wasn’t 23 degrees I’d get a 30# bow out and work on form. 25-20-15 left to right.

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