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pondscum2 02-Jan-22
TrapperKayak 03-Jan-22
2Wild Bill 03-Jan-22
George D. Stout 03-Jan-22
reddogge 03-Jan-22
pondscum2 03-Jan-22
babysaph 03-Jan-22
From: pondscum2
Date: 02-Jan-22

my personal slippery slope just keeps getting steeper. i went turkey hunting maybe 3 times this past spring, heard 1 bird. never fished all spring or summer. deer season closed this evening at sunset. i went....lemme add it up left my stand at home & went for a walk in the woods basically. i DID sit down twice in spots where i thought it possible that a deer might pass one day...i spent more time shooting in my yard than i did in the woods all year. (shot great, by the way) neither of my boys hunt anymore, might be time to thin the herd of bows lying around gathering dust...need to shake things up.

From: TrapperKayak
Date: 03-Jan-22

Don't lose hope, I have been on that slope in recent years. You just have to overcome, adapt, persevere. It will come back. I didnt hunt turkeys either. Or fish. I used to spend DAYS afield. Best thing to remedy stuff for others first as a priority, and you will actually find more time to do your own thing, somehow. God writes these rules, ya just gotta follow them to win in the end.

From: 2Wild Bill
Date: 03-Jan-22

"need to shake things up"

Need to recognize that as time passes things don't remain the same and that includes your interests and activities. Now that the boys no longer share that time with you, perhaps you can turn your attention to your wife and build good times with her. As Trapper has said, God is involved in our days. "Though a sinner do evil an hundred times, and his days be prolonged, yet surely I know that it shall be well with them that fear God, which fear before him" Ecclesiastes 8:12

From: George D. Stout
Date: 03-Jan-22

I enjoy not doing much of anything now and then, and I find I enjoy being around my friends as well, likely because that time itself is limited just due to life circumstances. It's about what you want to do and what life is allowing you to do, whatever that reason is....something you need to figure out on your own.

A day not seeing deer sure doesn't bother me, and it doesn't stop my outdoor time or how I enjoy it. Matter of fact I rather enjoy just watching critters nowadays, and of course attending to our egg-layers...chickens and ducks. Thinking of expanding those as a matter of fact, and already thinking about what's going in the garden this year. Actually, I'm pretty busy. :)

Enjoy life, you'll figure it out.

From: reddogge
Date: 03-Jan-22

I looked at my lab as a harbinger of things to come for me. As a young retriever, he lived to go hunting and would get so excited when I'd gather the hunting stuff in the mudroom the night before. As he aged he still wanted to go but suffered for a couple of days after from stiffness and soreness. Eventually, I had to stop taking him because it became too hard on his body. He still watched and listened to the geese coming in high in the fall and leaving in the spring. But then he stopped doing that even and was content to lie by the woodstove all day. I see it in myself and realize it's just the aging process and accept it for what it is. Just lucky to be alive when my friends are dropping like flies.

From: pondscum2
Date: 03-Jan-22

was re-reading a John Gierach book about flyfishing and other equally unimportant pursuits today, and he said something akin to "i finally learned an important lesson in life which my old tomcat Bob had tried to teach me for years. when there is nothing to do, do nothing wholeheartedly..." reddogge, Trapper, Bill, George...thanks.

From: babysaph Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 03-Jan-22

We have 4 more days of Heritage season next week. I am going to be out there.

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