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FIRST SHOT...........Friday, Dec 24th

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CD 24-Dec-21
HRhodes 24-Dec-21
Nemophilist 24-Dec-21
Altitude Sickness 24-Dec-21
kstradhunter 24-Dec-21
Eric Sprick 24-Dec-21
Snow Crow 24-Dec-21
Batman 24-Dec-21
shootemstraight1 24-Dec-21
From: CD
Date: 24-Dec-21

Today's shot will be a walk-up series. 30yds, 25yds then 20yds. I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas weekend!

Merry Christmas!!!


From: HRhodes
Date: 24-Dec-21

HRhodes's embedded Photo

Good morning and thanks for the call. As called with the 45lb Ausable.

From: Nemophilist
Date: 24-Dec-21

Nemophilist's embedded Photo


Walk-Up. 30, 25, and 20 yards.

1971 Bear Super Magnum, 55#@28", Cedar Arrows.

Thanks for the call CD.

From: Altitude Sickness
Date: 24-Dec-21

Altitude Sickness 's embedded Photo

30 is the bottom. 25 right and 20 left.

Strunk Yew bow, Susan StCharles arrows

Merry Christmas

From: kstradhunter
Date: 24-Dec-21

kstradhunter's embedded Photo

Dropped all 3 low. Left was 30 guessing crawl, right was 25 and center 20.

From: Eric Sprick
Date: 24-Dec-21

Eric Sprick's embedded Photo

Looking good guys. I can only stretch out to 21 in the yard, so three from there. Dropped bow arm on the last pretty badly, I have the most trouble with that. Thanks for the call and have a great Christmas Eve.

From: Snow Crow
Date: 24-Dec-21

Snow Crow's embedded Photo

Walkup as called, thanks CD!

30 yellow, 25 orange, 20 green. Think the bow arm drop plague is contagious, even spreads electronically... :)

From: Batman
Date: 24-Dec-21

Glad to see people flinging arrows! GREAT SHOOTING going on. Hope that every one is Safe / WELL / WARM / GOOD HUNTING and BLESSED BE! Hope that every one is going to have Safe/Healthy/Happy Christmas and Holidays.

From: shootemstraight1
Date: 24-Dec-21

shootemstraight1's embedded Photo

Walk-up as called. Been off a couple days with family. 30 is low right, 25 was high, 20 was low left. Happy holidays, everyone!

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