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Bow Trivia Question #34

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Tim Baker 15-Dec-21
Don T. Lewis 15-Dec-21
Tim Baker 15-Dec-21
Stickbow Felty 16-Dec-21
From: Tim Baker
Date: 15-Dec-21

Bow Trivia question #34:  When is it OK to use a board whose ring lines run off the back at an angle of several degrees? PS: Knowing this will reduce board prospecting from the typical 50 or so to 30 or so.

Answer: Note that ring lines on the back of a bow made from a perfectly straight-ringed board will appear to run off at an angle of several degrees, because the bow tapers in width from grip to tip.

Picture a 3" x 72" board with a ring line starting at the corner of one end, running straight to the other end's opposite corner. There are two perfect bows hiding there: Lay them out side by side, parallel with the ring lines and they'll each be as if made from a board with perfectly straight and parallel-with-the-board ring lines.

If the ring lines are straight but run off at a slightly greater angle you might get just one bow from it.

If you happen to have access to TBB-2 the principle here is illustrated on page 37.

From: Don T. Lewis
Date: 15-Dec-21

Can you show us an example of a bow made from this type of board?

From: Tim Baker
Date: 15-Dec-21

Tim Baker's embedded Photo


Pretty much all of these came from boards with angled grain because it's rare to find a board with ring lines perfectly parallel-to-the board it's whole length They all look as if taken from perfect boards because once made there's no clue they came from an angled-ring board.


From: Stickbow Felty
Date: 16-Dec-21

Thanks for the info Tim.

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