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Bow wood-what and where?

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Plainsman 12-Dec-21
Eric Krewson 13-Dec-21
the Black Spot 13-Dec-21
fdp 13-Dec-21
bentstick54 13-Dec-21
Bob Rowlands 13-Dec-21
Tim Baker 14-Dec-21
Plainsman 19-Dec-21
4t5 19-Dec-21
Zbone 19-Dec-21
Bassmaster 19-Dec-21
George Tsoukalas 19-Dec-21
George Tsoukalas 19-Dec-21
Frisky 19-Dec-21
Babysaph 19-Dec-21
crookedstix 20-Dec-21
Raymond Trahan 05-Feb-22
From: Plainsman
Date: 12-Dec-21

Im planning a multi-state trip next summer and will be driving from North Dakota south, then east to South Carolina. I will be able to vary my route there and back as I dont have to be anywhere specific at any specific time.

I was thinking of trying to collect some osage orange for self bows, then realized, I may have some other woods I could collect as well!

Also, I wouldnt mind finding something for some primitive arrows as well!

So do you have any suggestions on woods I could look for along the way and where to look?

I’ll have an F-150 and can haul sizes accordingly!

Thanks for any/all suggestions!

From: Eric Krewson
Date: 13-Dec-21

Going in cold it may be hard to locate a source for osage even in the Midwest. I have seen ads for osage fence post dealers on the Facebook Market Place that had piles of osage that would make one salivate, this might be a place to start.

From: the Black Spot
Date: 13-Dec-21

Kansas and Texas should have plenty. Probably find some growing in a ditch

From: fdp
Date: 13-Dec-21

There's all kinds of Phragmites Reed growing along some of the roads in Texas and it makes good arrow shafts. Yaupon makes good arrow shafts as well.

Not much Osage growing in the ditches in Texas. You might be able to find some if you do some research before you leave home. The Hill Country in Texas has Juniper which may not be available in your home state. I personally like it but everyone has different opinions.

From: bentstick54
Date: 13-Dec-21

Assuming you’re not wanting to haul chain saws, wedges, mauls etc., cut and split your own trees, seal staves and everything that goes with it along the way, try looking on area/ state Craigslist. Type in hedge posts, and see what pops up. I have picked up 8” to 10” x 10’ corner posts for $20 ea. Many times you can find some smaller dealers that will let you pick through their piles/stacks.

From: Bob Rowlands
Date: 13-Dec-21

I don't know jack about selfbows but from what I've read on the 'wall, I'd key in on osage for certain. You can buy hickory for staves and shafting at your hardwood supplier.

From: Tim Baker
Date: 14-Dec-21

This is a long shot: There are osage orange bow staves offered on ebay. Maybe contact sellers, and if not too much out of your way, swing by and negotiate a bulk purchase. At least you'd save shipping costs.

From: Plainsman
Date: 19-Dec-21

I am willing to bring my chainsaw, etc along! :) Cutting my own is part of what I am considering if I can source the place(s) and permission. I won’t be traveling until late May or early June, so lots of time to plan. I don’t plan on getting as far south as Texas at this time…I need to look more closely at some maps and start planning a general route. However, having a good source of wood could easily cause me to stray! ;)

Thanks for the feedback!

From: 4t5
Date: 19-Dec-21 watch what these guys accomplish wiTh HICKORY

From: Zbone
Date: 19-Dec-21

Thanks for sharing link 4t5, I have a few pignut hickory staves air drying in my shed for over a dozen years now...

From: Bassmaster
Date: 19-Dec-21


From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 19-Dec-21

Well, I've made bows from osage, yew, hickory, red and white oak, elm, hop hornbeam, maple, sassafras, hornbeam, black locust, mulberry. I may think of more. Jawge

From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 19-Dec-21

I forgot ash.

From: Frisky
Date: 19-Dec-21

For primitive arrows, check the ditches for burgundy-colored shoots. That will be red osier, and you can't beat it! Also, here in the upper Midwest, you should be able to find hackberry for bows. It's very recognizable, and it grows all over the place.


From: Babysaph Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 19-Dec-21

I like PO cedar

From: crookedstix
Date: 20-Dec-21

If you angle southeast out of North Dakota, you could go by Frisky's place in Austin, MN and help yourself to some of his red osier shafts! Based on my own experience, he welcomes drop-ins.

From: Raymond Trahan
Date: 05-Feb-22

I currently have Osage orange, hackberry, aspen, shag bark hickory, and oak staves. I would be willing to part with some for the right price. E-mail me [email protected] I’m in McAlester, OK!

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