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Tim Baker 10-Dec-21
Altitude Sickness 10-Dec-21
Jeff Durnell 10-Dec-21
Gray Goose Shaft 10-Dec-21
Corax_latrans 10-Dec-21
Tim Baker 10-Dec-21
2 bears 10-Dec-21
Tim Baker 10-Dec-21
George Tsoukalas 11-Dec-21
Arvin 12-Dec-21
From: Tim Baker
Date: 10-Dec-21

If you're new to wood bowmaking, or anyone, and are close enough to L.A. come by and we'll select a stave from HomeDepot and shave it into a D-tillered, working-grip longbow, in this case, so it can be finished in a couple of hours.  Maybe we'll get Steve Gardner and a couple of other local primitive bow guys to join in too. 

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From: Altitude Sickness
Date: 10-Dec-21

Man, I wish I was near LA I’d take you up on that in a Second That’s a great offer

From: Jeff Durnell
Date: 10-Dec-21


Serious No Go Zone Bro. I won't even go to Pittsburgh just south a bit.

But digressing, home Depot sells bow staves?

From: Gray Goose Shaft
Date: 10-Dec-21

Considering that offer as a twist on the ever popular Leatherwall giveaways, it is a very generous offer.

From: Corax_latrans
Date: 10-Dec-21

If I were there… I would BE THERE!

From: Tim Baker
Date: 10-Dec-21

Tim Baker's embedded Photo


Yes, HomeDepot, Lowe's, or any place where hardwood boards are sold. I've made well over 100 bows from red oak boards, for example, including possible the best bow I've ever made of any wood. All that's needed is careful selection, typically looking through 40 or more boards for one with perfectly straight ring lines on the back from end to end.That bow atop page 126 of TBB- 4 is a red oak board bow.

Below is what Steve Gardner got out of it, though with a lower than a 10 grains per pound arrow. Note the HomeDepot price sticker still in place.


From: 2 bears
Date: 10-Dec-21

I am convinced I can't pick a board. I made 3 trips & went through every 2" & 4" wide board that was 6 foot or more in length of Red Oak. I picked what I thought was the best. I showed it to a bowyer & he said good luck with that. I guess I just don't grasp how you can not have grain run out on something you taper.>>>---> Ken

From: Tim Baker
Date: 10-Dec-21


If I'm understand the puzzle, see if this clears it up: A  bow made from a conventional tree-split stave is also tapered, yielding grain run out. Decrown a tree-split stave from a straight tree and the ring lines that appear will run perfectly straight from one end to the other. It will look exactly like a board.

The only difference between a board and a tree-split stave is that one was extracted with a saw, the other with a wedge. A bow you make from a strait-ringed board doesn't know if it was split from a tree or milled from one. True whether the butt end view is flat, angled, or vertical-ringed. 


From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 11-Dec-21

And I've made darn close to 100. Thanks to Tim's Ch 2 in TBB 2. Red oak boards will do fine if they are straight grained tip to tip or close. Jawge

From: Arvin
Date: 12-Dec-21

Heck I just want to meet ya. Would be fun and interesting. AW

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