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Maple Board Bow.

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N Y Yankee 01-Dec-21
Tradworx 01-Dec-21
Todd the archer 01-Dec-21
6bloodychunks 01-Dec-21
Gray Goose Shaft 01-Dec-21
CStyles 02-Dec-21
HRhodes 02-Dec-21
Bassmaster 02-Dec-21
Ironfist 02-Dec-21
George Tsoukalas 02-Dec-21
Chaz 02-Dec-21
Cedarsavage 03-Dec-21
Tim Baker 05-Dec-21
From: N Y Yankee
Date: 01-Dec-21

Have you ever made a board bow from a maple board from the home center? I'd like to know what you think about the results.

From: Tradworx Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 01-Dec-21

I have done one, however it was a youth bow. I backed it with deer rawhide and it did turn out really well. It took very little set, but like I said it was a smaller youth bow.

From: Todd the archer Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 01-Dec-21

I did years ago and was successful. Believe it or not when I first made it it was close to 60 pounds after a while with our East Coast humidity it took a bit of set and drawl weight dropped to 45 pounds but yeah it will work

From: 6bloodychunks
Date: 01-Dec-21

not maple, but red oak,and hickory.

i like hickory the best for a board bow.

picking the right board is crucial, ive had to hit 2 or 3 stores before finding the right board before.

learn to read the grain.

From: Gray Goose Shaft
Date: 01-Dec-21

Gray Goose Shaft's embedded Photo

Maybe you've seen the Traditional Bowyers Bible series. Tim Baker describes building a bunch of board bows.

From: CStyles
Date: 02-Dec-21

Avoid disappointment and future regret, get hickory

From: HRhodes
Date: 02-Dec-21

Yeah, maple boards will make a good bow. We don’t see a lot of maple boards in the big box stores down south. I received some maple and birch boards in a trade years ago. They were hand picked by a selfbow man who knew what he was looking at- absolutely straight grain with no runouts. The birch was sort of light and brittle, but I got a bow out of it. The maple worked good for me and I got a good hunting weight bow out of it. As I remember, it was 66” nock to nock and the limbs were about an 1 1/2” at the fades. [email protected] @ 28”. I remember that maple reacted favorably to heat treatment of the belly- picked up 6 or 7 lbs. of draw weight.

From: Bassmaster
Date: 02-Dec-21

Rock, or sugar Maple which is one, and the same is considered a good bow wood. A few nice examples over on the primitive forum. Never made one from a board, but have made a couple from saplings that turned out OK. If I were to make one from a board, I would make 1 3/4 out of the fades to 1/2 at the tips, and 68 inches long, and work from their. I would also back it with linen, or raw hide.

From: Ironfist
Date: 02-Dec-21

I made a Perry reflex bow from a maple board and backed it with hickory. I then backed it again with a snake skin A Ball Python. The bow shot well and I donated it to a draw to help our Trad association.

From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 02-Dec-21

I lost track of the number of red oak board bows I made. Choose straight grained stock. More on my site.

From: Chaz
Date: 02-Dec-21

Redoak I’ve had really good luck with and I’m a beginner. Although I did just get my first hickory board to shoot. Both were boards ordered from the lumberyard , I requested top grade boards and I wasn’t disappointment.

From: Cedarsavage
Date: 03-Dec-21

I've made them from maple and red oak from the hardware store. They work ok, and they're good for starting but hickory is better. The menards here in town has hickory. I like the 2" and 4" but I like the wide flat ones better. Here's one I made last winter, very smooth draw, wish I wouldn't have sold it.

From: Tim Baker
Date: 05-Dec-21

NY Yankee, Rock/sugar maple is about .70 specific gravity, so if the wood you're used to is less or more dense let the maple be narrower or wider in proportion. The maple bow will then have the same safety and performance as your earlier bows. Be prepared to look through 50 or so board to find one with perfectly straight grain. That's the biggest if when making board bow. Tim

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