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Starting over, could use a little help.

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Toby 25-Nov-21
Andy Man 25-Nov-21
MikeT 25-Nov-21
Chairman 25-Nov-21
bluesman 25-Nov-21
Riverwolf 26-Nov-21
Jon Stewart 26-Nov-21
reb 26-Nov-21
From: Toby
Date: 25-Nov-21

Shoulder issues caused me to quit shooting for a while, but I’d like to start again. I turned 71 a couple months ago and have decided I will enjoy shooting as long as I can, whatever that happens to be.

I’d like to shoot a 30-35# Bear Montana, as soon as my classified issue gets cleared up, I’ll put a wanted ad on for one. Or, recommendations for where to get a new one.

I could use some arrow suggestions. I used to shoot mainly carbon, but am open to suggestions.

Any other helpful information about the Montana would be appreciated.

It feels good to be back on the “Wall”.

From: Andy Man
Date: 25-Nov-21

PM Riverwolf - he shoots them as his preferred bow think he has a few

From: MikeT
Date: 25-Nov-21

Thats great to get back to shooting. Personally I would just use aluminum arrows. More affordable and easy to use. You need to find a bow first before you worry about arrows. But for a idea, I use some 1618 Neos (gold colored budget shafts) with Nib points and 3" feathers for a 30# I have.

From: Chairman
Date: 25-Nov-21

If you find an old bear polar they are near identical to Montana’s but much cooler, probably cheaper too.

From: bluesman
Date: 25-Nov-21

For arrows , if you plan on hunting , (my opinion and personal hunting experience) I would use carbon as I have found they have the best penetration. With low poundage you want all you can get . If your interest is strictly archery targets.. what ever flys best . There are a lot of fellows on here that know arrows and can match the arrow to the bow you purchase .

I use carbon , wood , bamboo … they all work great and will do the job .

Good luck in healing up!

From: Riverwolf
Date: 26-Nov-21

Good to see you back Pete ! I likely haven't much over anyone else on tuning and such, but I do pretty much shoot Montana's exclusively these days....Feel free to drop me a pm "anytime" ! I can only return pm's as I have pm issues. More than Happy to share what little I do know ;)

Best with your quest my friend...

Date: 26-Nov-21

Montana is. A very good LB and I would use a carbon arrows there no more than aluminum in cost I don't know where guys are looking for price on carbon

From: Jon Stewart
Date: 26-Nov-21

If you are on facebook go to Traditional Bowhunter Classified, Buy, Sell or trade. There was a 35# Montana on there the other day.

Carbons can be bought at Walmart for $5.00 each.

From: reb
Date: 26-Nov-21

Arrows -- 1716 aluminum or 800 carbon.

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