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Happy Thanksgiving to Batman!!

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White Falcon 25-Nov-21
longbow1968 25-Nov-21
MStyles 25-Nov-21
Andy Man 25-Nov-21
Jinkster 25-Nov-21
olddogrib 25-Nov-21
White Falcon 25-Nov-21
Frisky 25-Nov-21
SB 25-Nov-21
Wayne Hess 25-Nov-21
Crow#2 25-Nov-21
tinecounter 25-Nov-21
Batman 25-Nov-21
RonG 25-Nov-21
Clydebow 25-Nov-21
Knifeguy 25-Nov-21
reb 25-Nov-21
Yeller 25-Nov-21
babysaph 25-Nov-21
Boker 25-Nov-21
Corax_latrans 25-Nov-21
From: White Falcon
Date: 25-Nov-21

and Dan.

From: longbow1968
Date: 25-Nov-21

Happy Thanksgiving fellas…

From: MStyles
Date: 25-Nov-21

BATMAN in the TIN CAN - I hope that’s Turkey soup you’re having on Thanksgiving! Have a EXCELLENT DAY! - Mike.

From: Andy Man
Date: 25-Nov-21

Happy Thanksgiving there Pal

whish you were close enough to share ours-Biscuit would love a guest

From: Jinkster
Date: 25-Nov-21

Indeed...Happy Thanksgiving Batman! :)

From: olddogrib
Date: 25-Nov-21

I was sure that Frisky would have been the OP of this thread!

From: White Falcon
Date: 25-Nov-21

Not today. Batman,"James". doesn't get enough credit for what he does.

From: Frisky
Date: 25-Nov-21

He's having soup for Thanksgiving dinner, so I plan to send him a photo of my turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, apple pie, pumpkin pie and everything else.


From: SB
Date: 25-Nov-21

Balony sandwhich usaual,wife has to usual. Happy T day to all.

From: Wayne Hess
Date: 25-Nov-21

Yep Happy Thanksgiving Batman

From: Crow#2
Date: 25-Nov-21

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We are blessed.

From: tinecounter
Date: 25-Nov-21

Happy Thanksgiving to Batman and all LW'ers.

From: Batman
Date: 25-Nov-21

Hi FOLKS, I spared the turkey and had SOUP! Not much of a cook so it was EZ-PZ! That and COKE ZERO and THE WALL has me set for the day! Everybody BE SAFE / WELL / WARM / COMFORTABLE! May your gatherings for THANKSGIVING be GLORIOUS! GOOD HUNTING & BLESSED BE! Batman

From: RonG
Date: 25-Nov-21

SB there ain't nothin wrong with a baloney sandwich especially if it is sliced 3/8 inch thick and pan fried.

Happy Thanksgiving to Dan and James.

From: Clydebow
Date: 25-Nov-21

Happy Thanksgiving BM! (:>)

From: Knifeguy
Date: 25-Nov-21

Batman, Happy Thanksgiving ! Lance

From: reb
Date: 25-Nov-21

Happy Thanksgiving guys.

From: Yeller Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 25-Nov-21

Yes happy thanksgiving to both. And George. Tks for all you do

From: babysaph Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 25-Nov-21

Happy Thanksgiving Batman. Imma come down there and fix you a great dinner and we can shoot some. God Bless ya Man

From: Boker
Date: 25-Nov-21

Happy Thanksgiving

From: Corax_latrans
Date: 25-Nov-21

Happy thanksgiving, guys, and special thanks to BATMAN for always having a kind word to share!

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