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782GearUSMC 23-Nov-21
782GearUSMC 23-Nov-21
Rick Barbee 23-Nov-21
SB 23-Nov-21
782GearUSMC 23-Nov-21
1/2miledrag 23-Nov-21
Heat 23-Nov-21
George D. Stout 24-Nov-21
Orion 24-Nov-21
treetopper 24-Nov-21
Flinger1 24-Nov-21
Viper 24-Nov-21
tradmt 24-Nov-21
Rick Barbee 24-Nov-21
Foggy Mountain 24-Nov-21
beemann 24-Nov-21
2 bears 24-Nov-21
782GearUSMC 24-Nov-21
Bob Rowlands 24-Nov-21
MStyles 24-Nov-21
rallison 25-Nov-21
tradmt 25-Nov-21
From: 782GearUSMC
Date: 23-Nov-21

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I have been using a 3-under draw for longer than I can recall, and I don't recall why I changed from 3-split to 3-under. Especially being that when I did, 3-under was not a common draw method being used.

Regardless; though I have always known that various depth of finger hooks are used and different finger pressures are applied to the fingers, I was not aware that someone had actually established a finger pressure system, or that a particular finger pressure system used could (maybe) affect accuracy.

According to Greg's system, I shoot a 40-40- 20.

STANDARD: 30-50-20 INDEX: 50-30-20 BALANCED: 40-40-20

From: 782GearUSMC
Date: 23-Nov-21

From: Rick Barbee
Date: 23-Nov-21

For me, I draw with all three finger, but at the moment of loose all of the string load is on the one finger directly below the arrow.

I do that when shooting split finger, or 3 under either one, and it is why I do not have to tune any different from one to the other.


From: SB
Date: 23-Nov-21

More overthinking?...

From: 782GearUSMC
Date: 23-Nov-21

SB said: "More overthinking?..."

No! But good to know as much about anything that one can. Every little bit adds up.

From: 1/2miledrag
Date: 23-Nov-21

Interesting. I'm more of a grip it and rip it dude, haha

From: Heat
Date: 23-Nov-21

I have definitely fine tuned my finger pressure and it has affected accuracy. I use to put way too much pressure on my bottom finger. I actually want to try a two finger split tab and leave that one off altogether.

From: George D. Stout
Date: 24-Nov-21

So why do you think that one is better than the other, if the other is a consistent hold and loose? I know guys who shoot just two fingers and do very well, and some, sorta like me, who's ring finger is just along for the ride for the most part. If your own hold style is consistent and repeatable, I wouldn't worry about what the percentages are, unless it's going to be on a test next Friday that I need to score well on. :)

I'm thinking SB is not far off in his reply.

Date: 24-Nov-21

Yep overthinking again

From: Orion Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 24-Nov-21

I switched to 3 under a few years ago, but I have no idea the amount of weight each finger is holding. Think I'll keep it that way.

From: treetopper
Date: 24-Nov-21

I know there's a lot of things in archery that I don't know. I also realize there are a lot of things that I should know.

I definitely know that at age 70, if I haven't already stumbled upon it or tripped over it, I probably can live the rest of my bow shootin' days without worrying about it. YMMV.

From: Flinger1
Date: 24-Nov-21

Great post Mike! I’m definitely a “standard” and not far off from how Rick does it.

From: Viper
Date: 24-Nov-21

Guys -

Despite a number of (different) theories, no one weight distribution has been proven to be better than another. All that matters is that it remains consistent.

Unless ... you shoot well enough to tweak elevation by adjusting finger pressure, but that's a little beyond archery 101.

Viper out.

From: tradmt
Date: 24-Nov-21

One man’s knowledge expansion is another’s overthinking, which explains a lot when you think about. Could be a pun, or maybe not. You will have to think about it,….or not. ;)

From: Rick Barbee
Date: 24-Nov-21

Viper, that's one of the three reasons I loose on a single finger.

(1) Consistency

(2) No tuning difference between 3 under, or split finger.

(3) Gets off the string slicker for a faster arrow.

I draw with all three fingers, come to anchor, expand, then roll all of the load to the finger just below the arrow before I loose.

No, I don't collapse when I do it. And, yes, I have had both video, and someone watching to see if I do. No collapse. :-)

I lose some draw weight doing it (about 1#) due to taking some load off the bottom limb, but I have everything adjusted/tuned to compensate for that.


From: Foggy Mountain
Date: 24-Nov-21

I gotta say I’ve watched the man and respect what he’s trying to do but he says some off things once in a while. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. One I can think of offhand is he was complaining bout some quiver with 5 arrow holders but 5 wouldn’t fit across. He was figuring some design flaw. Guess it never occurred to him to stagger and he certainly didn’t know that. Why than video something you know nothing about?? That’s basic information, where else is there an issue I don’t know but it right away leaves me wondering about anything said. No disrespect to the man but I can’t take him as anyone to advise me anything

From: beemann Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 24-Nov-21

WOWY. Some of you guys sure know how to suck the joy out of the simple act of shooting a traditional bow.... Keep it simple. Carry on...

From: 2 bears
Date: 24-Nov-21

I find it difficult to alter finger pressure with very much draw weight on the string. No idea how you would measure it. Cocking the wrist will do it big time & cause high and low hits. That is certainly a no no. I do have less weight on the third finger because it don't take as deep of a hook. It seems slow to get off the string with a deep hook. With a solid deep hook and a straight wrist, pressure seems pretty equal & consistent on the other two fingers. >>>----> Ken

From: 782GearUSMC
Date: 24-Nov-21

Subsequent to 57 years of shooting recurves, my learned an applied methods of tuning and shooting a bow (recurve), has produced respectable results that have been and remain constant. Therefore, I don’t plan to experiment with Greg’s findings. I just found his experiments and results to be interesting and possibly instructional for those that are considering going to a 3-under draw or have just started using a 3-under draw.

As for those that have replied such as “Despite a number of (different) theories, no one weight distribution has been proven to be better than another,” then show the readers links to those “different theories that disprove” what results Greg obtained. Talk is cheap. As for dismissing Greg's testing and his results because sometime in the past he may have been incorrect about an arrow quiver, is ridiculous.

Until FACTS are presented that clearly disprove Greg’s experiment and findings, then I personally consider all repudiations to be without merit.

From: Bob Rowlands
Date: 24-Nov-21

I went from split to three under. Yeah you can think about the various finger pressures. Me I just shoot and don't think about it at all..

From: MStyles
Date: 24-Nov-21

I use two fingers split for any bow under 65#. Three finger split above that. I seem to get better results with the split two finger release.

From: rallison
Date: 25-Nov-21

Been 3 under for decades, never thought about it, DEFINITELY never over-thought it, but I'd say I shoot the balanced method.

Ain't changing anytime soon.

From: tradmt
Date: 25-Nov-21

“Until FACTS are presented that clearly disprove Greg’s experiment and findings, then I personally consider all repudiations to be without merit.“

This is Leatherwall, we dispute facts, …not find facts.

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