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Kansas Hunt Footage

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Basinboy 18-Nov-21
Aeronut 18-Nov-21
Wayne Hess 18-Nov-21
tinecounter 18-Nov-21
Okiecntry 18-Nov-21
bluebird 18-Nov-21
monkeyball 18-Nov-21
Nemophilist 18-Nov-21
Clydebow 18-Nov-21
Foggy Mountain 18-Nov-21
BigB 18-Nov-21
Keefers 18-Nov-21
Keefers 18-Nov-21
cobra 18-Nov-21
Shakey Jake 18-Nov-21
Orion 18-Nov-21
Percy 18-Nov-21
Timberline2 18-Nov-21
Eric Krewson 18-Nov-21
arlone 18-Nov-21
murph 18-Nov-21
Randog 18-Nov-21
Pa Steve 18-Nov-21
Homey88 18-Nov-21
jdbbowhunter 18-Nov-21
deerhunt51 18-Nov-21
Skychief 18-Nov-21
CD 19-Nov-21
Eric Krewson 19-Nov-21
nowheels 19-Nov-21
Tobpitbull 19-Nov-21
Wildhog 19-Nov-21
Basinboy 20-Nov-21
manybows 20-Nov-21
Draven 20-Nov-21
wooddamon1 20-Nov-21
bentstick54 20-Nov-21
Gaur 21-Nov-21
The last savage 21-Nov-21
Basinboy 25-Nov-21
[email protected] 25-Nov-21
2 bears 25-Nov-21
From: Basinboy
Date: 18-Nov-21

Here’s the footage I hope you all enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed making it! Thanks

From: Aeronut
Date: 18-Nov-21

Congrats, that's a fine looking buck.

At first I thought you was in my timber until you showed the creek.

From: Wayne Hess
Date: 18-Nov-21

Good to stick with it and have it pay off like That, Nice Good Old Buck, Congratulations Corey on a good shot,on that One.

From: tinecounter
Date: 18-Nov-21

Congrats! Good footage. Thanks for sharing.

From: Okiecntry
Date: 18-Nov-21


From: bluebird
Date: 18-Nov-21


From: monkeyball
Date: 18-Nov-21

From: Nemophilist
Date: 18-Nov-21

Congratulations nice buck. Good video.

From: Clydebow
Date: 18-Nov-21


From: Foggy Mountain
Date: 18-Nov-21

Awesome, congrats!

From: BigB
Date: 18-Nov-21

Man that’s a nice buck and you made a great shot! Congrats

From: Keefers
Date: 18-Nov-21

Craig, Congratulations on a nice buck and I really enjoyed your video. Glad you got one on your last day and taking us for the ride . Keefers

From: Keefers
Date: 18-Nov-21

I meant Corey (Basin boy) I see Craig must of posted it for you but either way Congrats once again...

From: cobra
Date: 18-Nov-21

Excellent shot! Nice job with the video, top shelf all the way around. Thanks for posting.

From: Shakey Jake
Date: 18-Nov-21

Great hunt. Congrats Thanks for the video

From: Orion Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 18-Nov-21

Nicely done. Congrats. Some pretty exciting times during that hunt.

From: Percy
Date: 18-Nov-21

Well done, that's a real nice buck. Thanks for sharing.

From: Timberline2
Date: 18-Nov-21

great job of filming your hunt.

From: Eric Krewson
Date: 18-Nov-21

Now that was a great video production;

You didn't say "I smoked him BABY" over and over, "he is a TOAD", or say "that's what I am talking about BABY" or jump around in your stand fist pumping. You never said "basically" or used "like" unnecessarily as in "it was "like" 6:00pm".

You didn't have a group of friends high fiving, jumping around and laughing like a bunch of hyenas and hugging each other when they saw the deer

To your credit you did every thing right, showed the deer a lot of respect and made a perfect video.

My hats off to you!

From: arlone Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 18-Nov-21

Thanks for taking me along, good video, beautiful buck!

From: murph
Date: 18-Nov-21

Thats what a guy lives for. Thanks for sharing. Love the lung blood. Great color.

From: Randog
Date: 18-Nov-21

What a buck, great video also, congrats.

From: Pa Steve
Date: 18-Nov-21

Congrats. Good video

From: Homey88
Date: 18-Nov-21

Awesome video! Great shot! Congrats!

From: jdbbowhunter
Date: 18-Nov-21

Great video, congrats on a great buck!

From: deerhunt51
Date: 18-Nov-21

Congrats! That's what a double lung shot looks like. I have always said when someone ask about a string tracker, why?

From: Skychief
Date: 18-Nov-21

Awesome hunt and buck. You've found a nice crossing!

From: CD
Date: 19-Nov-21

Very nice! Thanks so much for sharing!

From: Eric Krewson
Date: 19-Nov-21

I guess I should explain my stance on shooting videos, emotions after a good shot range from stoic, to crying like a baby and everything in between. Nothing wrong with that, do what you want but turn the camera off until you get your composure back then do your interview with poise, professionalism and respect for the game you just took, you will come off looking like a competent ethical hunter instead of a buffoon.

I made one video on bowmaking, I was an embarrassment, thank goodness youtube deleted it on one of their purges.

I have been studying the really good hunting and crafting videos, some of these guys are really good, most are not, when I make a replacement tillering gizmo video I want to make it like the well produced videos I have seen. The bowmaker in England is the best of the best, he is also a professional video producer in real life.

From: nowheels
Date: 19-Nov-21

Great buck, great shot and a very well made video. It’s amazing how big those Kansas deer can get- lots of meat on that one!

From: Tobpitbull
Date: 19-Nov-21

Great job

From: Wildhog
Date: 19-Nov-21

That's how it's done. Nice video and a real nice shot.

From: Basinboy
Date: 20-Nov-21

Basinboy's embedded Photo

Mr Erick Krewson, I appreciate the kind words. I just try to put together a video that I myself would enjoy to watch. My excitement is contained somewhat but you can see I’m trembling but that’s not because it’s very cold lol I appreciate everyone’s comments greatly! God Bless and I hope you all have success!

From: manybows
Date: 20-Nov-21

Cory, thanks for sharing and a great shot.

From: Draven
Date: 20-Nov-21

One of the very few movies well made. Grats on the buck!

From: wooddamon1 Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 20-Nov-21

Well dang, man, save some deer for the rest of us ;)

Congrats and great video!

From: bentstick54
Date: 20-Nov-21

Congrats on a great Ks buck. Very well made video. You had a great season all the way around. Again congrats.

From: Gaur Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 21-Nov-21

Congratulations. Nice video and that looks like a pretty old buck. Bet he was hard to get out of the woods

From: The last savage Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 21-Nov-21

Excellent video and shot,good job not letting that miss rattle you. Congrats brother and thanks

From: Basinboy
Date: 25-Nov-21

Thanks Everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

From: [email protected]
Date: 25-Nov-21

That was fun. Nicely done. Paul

From: 2 bears
Date: 25-Nov-21

Excellent job it don't get no better than that. A buck of that caliber then goes down in sight. Taking your whole hunting time for that one opportunity. You earned him. >>>>-----> Ken

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