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Dan In MI 30-Sep-21
Dan In MI 30-Sep-21
JCooper on a tablet 30-Sep-21
L3 30-Sep-21
stykzz 30-Sep-21
blind squirrel 01-Oct-21
Southpawky 02-Oct-21
JakeBrake 02-Oct-21
Wapiti - - M. S. 03-Oct-21
Biathlonman 04-Oct-21
COPicasso 04-Oct-21
Don T. Lewis 05-Oct-21
[email protected] 05-Oct-21
Biathlonman 06-Oct-21
Riverwolf 07-Oct-21
Coueskiller 07-Oct-21
Jack Whitmrie jr 08-Oct-21
Jack Whitmrie jr 08-Oct-21
tacklebox 08-Oct-21
jamo69 08-Oct-21
Rooty 08-Oct-21
Curtiss Cardinal 08-Oct-21
sticshooter 09-Oct-21
Crow#2 09-Oct-21
MDW 10-Oct-21
crazyjjk 10-Oct-21
crazyjjk 10-Oct-21
5ks 10-Oct-21
tom andrews 10-Oct-21
Boker 11-Oct-21
sagebrush 11-Oct-21
Phil Magistro 11-Oct-21
Okiecntry 12-Oct-21
Boker 13-Oct-21
Machino 13-Oct-21
Badwolf 14-Oct-21
sagebrush 14-Oct-21
Brian waters 15-Oct-21
tacklebox 15-Oct-21
Vtbow 15-Oct-21
sagebrush 17-Oct-21
Boker 18-Oct-21
Kelly 18-Oct-21
(songdog) 18-Oct-21
From: Dan In MI
Date: 30-Sep-21

I know it's early but tomorrow is opening day, so I'm doing this before I forget.

As you read the rules please remember this thread is intended to swap something you have, or are looking for, to another person for something they have, or are looking for. It is not a place to clean out your closet. When folks post a photo with seven or eight items to trade management of the thread gets difficult as things are traded off. With that in mind, please try to limit what you are offering and be very specific about what you are looking for. Thanks. Please follow the rules. PAY ATTENTION to NUMBER 3. Things have been getting a little lax in this area. Here are the ground rules for the swap.

1) Trades only NO SELLING, I REPEAT – NO SELLING (apparently it needs to be repeated). Sales MUST be placed in the classifieds.

2) After posting, all follow up communication should be via PRIVATE MESSAGE or E-MAIL. This applies to interested parties also.

3) ONE photo, please, for your trade items. If a person shows interest additional photos should be sent via email.

4) Please limit the number of items you are looking to trade. As mentioned above, this is not the place to clean out your closet.

5) Please list the item you are looking for in return. Please be as specific as possible rather than saying "whatcha got?"

6) Please limit your ads to five active posts.

7) If an item is gone please make a post stating xxx from mm/dd (date) is traded. This is for clean up/editing purposes.

8) You can swap non archery items if, and ONLY IF, you are looking for traditional archery it ems in return.

9) Please remember to resize your photos. The forum guidelines are no longer than 500pixels but if you can resize them to something close 640x480 that will be fine. Photos that are too large will be removed.

If you have multiple items in a single pic/post don’t post a single item is gone. Yes, we know it causes you more “sorry it’s gone” replies, but, since you have a multiple item post it can’t be removed without removing all of your items, so your note just adds to the thread length.

Thanks for your understanding.

From: Dan In MI
Date: 30-Sep-21

Dan In MI's embedded Photo

Eagle Eyes type binocular set up with Bushnell Spacemaster scopes. Tripod not included, but can be negotiated. 40X eyepieces also can be negotiated. Looking for bow,or bows, partial to Bears, but not exclusive.

From: JCooper on a tablet
Date: 30-Sep-21

JCooper on a tablet's embedded Photo

Still looking for some 600 spine arrows at least 29" long or some 40-45 spine woodies 29" long. I have this nice custom made skinner that my brother in law made for trade. PM me here or email me [email protected]

The Benchmade has already been traded.

From: L3 Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 30-Sep-21

OMP Night Ridge ILF limbs 50# on 19" riser. Shorts. Looking for 40 to 45 pound ILF limbs on a 17" riser, shorts or mediums.

From: stykzz
Date: 30-Sep-21

I can split and grind your turkey or goose feathers in exchange for the wing side you don't use. Thanks!

From: blind squirrel Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 01-Oct-21

blind squirrel's embedded Photo

Ben Pearson Hawk 7370 45# looking to trade for a 25# recurve or longbow. I need a rehab bow ( recovering from rotator cuff surgery) and then would pass it down to my daughter who’s showing interest in target shooting

From: Southpawky
Date: 02-Oct-21

Southpawky's embedded Photo

Oldies but goodies, hard to come by anymore. Easton 2018 Jim Dougherty camo arrows. There is (9) total, only 2 have been cut and the shortest arrow is 30.5” the rest are new uncut. The cut ones have only been shot a handful of times. I have new nocks and inserts for all of them as well.

(6) Easton (2018) green gamegetters, these are new and full length, the back was cut for a bushing but I do not have them, eBay and 3rivers has all kinds.

Looking for a set of ILF limbs or some 400 spine carbon arrows, broadheads, really just about anything. Can contact me at (606)401-7675. Thanks

From: JakeBrake
Date: 02-Oct-21

JakeBrake's embedded Photo

I have two of these I took the original wing quiver, added brackets and modified to use great northern rubber straps so it can be taken on and off just like a GN. Made to mount on the back of the bow on top and belly on bottom…fully adjustable to fit different size risers I had them on 13” - 17” risers

Trade for 125 grain woodsmans ASAT camo ILF limbs

Whatever else you may have

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 03-Oct-21

Trade left handed g.n. bow quiver for Big Jim's bow quiver.

From: Biathlonman
Date: 04-Oct-21

I’ve got a small pile of Simmons landhark 125 grains I’d like to trade for 125 grain three blades, NAP hellrazor, Muzzy one, snuffer stainless steel, etc.

From: COPicasso
Date: 04-Oct-21

COPicasso's embedded Photo

Still looking for Canebrake/ Timber Rattler skins. Let me know what you need in trade.

From: Don T. Lewis
Date: 05-Oct-21

Don T. Lewis's embedded Photo

Bear Polar riser for Frankenbow. Im looking for 1/2 dozen single blade broad heads. Ace, Zwickey, Bear ext. or a hunting belt knife.

From: [email protected]
Date: 05-Oct-21

4nolz@work's embedded Photo


~59" timber rattler skin looking for most any modern ammo(no AR stuff or reloads) or nice knife maybe a nice replaceable blade knife

From: Biathlonman
Date: 06-Oct-21

I have 12-125 grain 2 blade landsharks, and 7 VPA VENTED 2 blade 125 gr. Heads. Looking for 3 blade 125 grain cut on contact heads, vented VPA, Snuffer SS, NAP hellrazor etc.

From: Riverwolf
Date: 07-Oct-21

What do you want for those apples Don ???;^)

....Could you pm me on those 2018's Southpawky. Thanks !

From: Coueskiller
Date: 07-Oct-21

Coueskiller's embedded Photo

Trade a bow for a snap on quiver top like this. They came on early bear and Ben Pearson quivers

From: Jack Whitmrie jr
Date: 08-Oct-21

Jack Whitmrie jr's embedded Photo

I'm looking to trade these DAY ONE camo bibs for a good set of NEW rubber boots prefer LaCrosse boots with gusset on back to tuck pants in and something else to make up value difference. These bibs are XL and brand new never worn. They are of a $200 dollar value.If unfamiliar with DAY ONE camo look them up , quality is the greatest.

From: Jack Whitmrie jr
Date: 08-Oct-21

I'm also open to other trades on above bibs ^^^^ PM me with what you have.

From: tacklebox
Date: 08-Oct-21

tacklebox's embedded Photo

I have 2 pair of like new LaCrosse Burly's. Neither pair has been worn more then a handful of times due to my being an idiot and ordering the wrong size twice.

They are both Mens 8 but fit more like a 9 - 9.5. I wear an 8 and even with 2 pair of wool socks these boots are too loose for me.

Will trade for BH's, - ACE, Zwickey, etc / Stump / small game heads

But what I REALLY need is BEA Vintage in 350 spine if anyone has em.

Also open to offers

From: jamo69
Date: 08-Oct-21

jamo69's embedded Photo

SnW stainless 45 1911 e series original case and paperwork … trade for takedown widow , timberghost , centaur , or super curves …. 42-50# 52”-62”

From: Rooty
Date: 08-Oct-21

Rooty's embedded Photo

Kinetic Vygo riser with R3 Samick limbs. Makes a nice bare bow 68" 33-34#@28". Trade for 17" or 21" ilf riser. Brands considered are hoyt, black wolf,JC, Das. Can do plus or minus to suit.

From: Curtiss Cardinal
Date: 08-Oct-21

Dual shelf recurve draw weight is between 35 and 40 pounds. I can text pictures.Bow is from the 60s or 70s. Previous owner refinished it and removed most of the silk screens and all the writing. I think it might be an Indian Archery bow.I trades for this bow for a friend but she decided she wanted a black hunter instead. I am looking for high carbon knives or a hard case for a 3 piece take down bow or titanium cookware like a bowl or a cup.

From: sticshooter
Date: 09-Oct-21

sticshooter's embedded Photo

Cleaned out my archery junk box lol, looking for a good quality folder. Carbon blade or SS will work. One man's junk, is another man's treasure. I may find some other things to toss in.Thanks<><

From: Crow#2
Date: 09-Oct-21

Will trade this new target bow for hoyt satori 19 in riser. This bow shoots great. Pm Text Or call 765-524-7224

From: MDW
Date: 10-Oct-21

Have about 6 dozen left wing turkey feathers, full length. Looking for broadheads or what have you got? Pictures on request.

From: crazyjjk
Date: 10-Oct-21

crazyjjk's embedded Photo

Leupold Vari-x 3i 3.5x10. Looking for a later model Bear B-mag bow

From: crazyjjk
Date: 10-Oct-21

Leupold has slight ring marks

From: 5ks
Date: 10-Oct-21

5ks's embedded Photo

Most are 29” one is shorter. Just cleaning out old stuff not sure where I got them . Looking for usable arrows or a limb bolt quiver or a limb quiver

From: tom andrews
Date: 10-Oct-21

tom andrews's embedded Photo

Will trade beautiful left hand 52 inch 45 lb. kodiak magnum for left hand 35 lb. kodiak magnum or super 48 magnum 35 lb.

From: Boker
Date: 11-Oct-21

Boker's embedded Photo

trade on L/H Bear T/D or other bear bows in the 40lb range

From: sagebrush
Date: 11-Oct-21

Looking for gold tip. entrada ultra light 700s have other arrows to trade.or ?

From: Phil Magistro
Date: 11-Oct-21

Some posts have been removed because the photos are too large. Please make sure your photos are resized. 640x480 would be ideal.

From: Okiecntry
Date: 12-Oct-21

Okiecntry's embedded Photo

I have #3 newer red tips that I would like to trade for #1 newer red tips or 50th A. black/white tips in 40-45# on A.

From: Boker
Date: 13-Oct-21

Boker's embedded Photo

Bought these last month at big jims. I ordered #3 37lb annversary limbs on A riser hoping they would be near 43/44lb at my 30” draw but got these 35lb limbs instead.

I tried them anyway and they are too lite for me.

Id like to trade for same limbs but at 37lb #3 on A riser Might also trade on LH Bear risers.

From: Machino
Date: 13-Oct-21

Machino's embedded Photo

Bear Super Kodiak 64" 68#. Looking for a similar poundage modern longbow Centaur, Shrew, Toelke, etc

From: Badwolf
Date: 14-Oct-21

Badwolf's embedded Photo

Roselli Hunter with custom sheath and finger grooved handle, also included will be original sheath. Looking for LH Bear 45# Kodiak Mag or Super Mag 48

From: sagebrush
Date: 14-Oct-21

sagebrush 's embedded Photo

Buffalo hide and this knife I made for a super kodiak 40lb or less,or a bear takedown. Never had a bear takedown, trying to peice one together.b riser #2 limbs 40lb,?

From: Brian waters
Date: 15-Oct-21

Brian waters's embedded Photo

I have these LW jojan clamps. I need 6 RW and 6 STRAIGHT clamps. Will trade one for one.

From: tacklebox
Date: 15-Oct-21

I have 6 BEA Vintage 350's cut @ 28.5 inserts not installed.

Trade for? BH's? Arrows for 45lb LB? bow case, whatchya got?

From: Vtbow
Date: 15-Oct-21

I'm looking for a bush-n-a box- nutnsurenhownthey were sized but large/xl. I have lots to trade: arrow test kit, nh sharpening system, bear greenies, Pearson deadheads, spine tester, inserts, nocks, rests, pendleton woolshirts, and more I'm sure. Thanks!

Date: 17-Oct-21

Older Oneida Eagle up for trade in very good shape just needs adjustment for timing cable it’s 50-70 adjustable weight medium draw looking for a decent crossbow in shootable condition for a friend who is disabled and wants to hunt I can text pictures

From: sagebrush
Date: 17-Oct-21

sagebrush 's embedded Photo

Trade for nice bow or ?

From: Boker
Date: 18-Oct-21

Id also be interested in trading my above #3 annversary limbs for #1 annversary

From: Kelly
Date: 18-Oct-21

Looking for Ribtek 125S broadheads to trade for Ribtek 190S or 145W, or Zwickey No Mercy or Eskimos, or Ace 125 Standards, or VPA 190 grain or 250 glue on 3 blades, or wood, fiberglass or aluminum shafts, feathers, etc.

From: (songdog)
Date: 18-Oct-21

(songdog)'s embedded Photo

Trade my ILF L/H recurve 19 inch riser 62/45/28 with Galaxy Gold Star carbon foam limbs and F/F string for a black powder rifle.

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