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Bows in Puerto Rico?

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Boker 21-Sep-21
Zagnee 22-Sep-21
DanaC 22-Sep-21
Clydebow 22-Sep-21
Live2Hunt 22-Sep-21
Andy Man 22-Sep-21
BRIBOWl 28-Sep-21
bodymanbowyer 28-Sep-21
Archre167 28-Sep-21
From: Boker
Date: 21-Sep-21

I bought a bow from a regular on here recently, He sent me the tracking # and a pic of receipt that had my city and state on it.

I check the tracking a few days later and bows in Puerto Rico,

It was supposed to be delivered today but now says arriving late but in transit.

It was coming from Pennsylvania to Alabama.

Y’all ever seen anything like this before?

From: Zagnee
Date: 22-Sep-21

not quite that far off but I ordered something coming from Oklahoma to Texas and the tracking was fine all of a sudden it said it was in northern california. showed up the next day or so. good luck.

From: DanaC
Date: 22-Sep-21

Sometimes the tracking number is that of the large shipping container that your package was put _in_ for cross-country hauling. Then your package doesn't get scanned _out_ of that container, which gets sent elsewhere.

Had this happen to me, my package was pin-balling up and down the eastern coast according to tracking. Got it just fine.

Yours is most likely at a regional distribution center or heading to you.

From: Clydebow
Date: 22-Sep-21

I live near a small town in S. Illinois. The post office in town is eight minutes from my house. If I would mail, say a birthday card, to a neighbor down the street, just for an example, it goes to the local post office, then to St Louis Mo., back to the same post office, and the to my neighbor.

From: Live2Hunt
Date: 22-Sep-21

It is crazy isn't it? They did that were I live. Evidently, it cost more to send a local letter, to a local resident, through a local post office than sending the same letter to a post office an hour and a half away in a different state? Go figure.

From: Andy Man
Date: 22-Sep-21

I have a scorpion M.R.Hamilton longbow Comming

Been in the mail since 1980

Hopefully they get better with age

Date: 28-Sep-21

They call it snail mail!

From: bodymanbowyer
Date: 28-Sep-21

Yes I have had the same issue, recently. Coming from the east. Landed in Des Moines, normal. Then the same day it said Omaha. Wrong way. A couple hours later it said it was out for delivery in Eldridge Iowa, normal. That was the first confusing status I have had. It showed up the same day. WOW. JF

From: Archre167
Date: 28-Sep-21

Years ago I sent a riser from AK to IA to get limbs fitted to it. It got there in a couple days, all good. It was sent back to me with tracking and should have it in a couple of days he says. I thought I would check on things after the 5-6 day. It went from Iowa to LA, LA to GUAM. There it sat for 7 days then on to Honolulu for another 5 days then eventually here to AK. That bow got to travel more than I did that year! All n all it ended well.

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