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Crow#2 21-Sep-21
GLF 21-Sep-21
Boker 21-Sep-21
Tdwhip 21-Sep-21
George D. Stout 21-Sep-21
Southpawky 21-Sep-21
babysaph 22-Sep-21
From: Crow#2
Date: 21-Sep-21

I've been considering a clicker. Who uses one and did it help your shooting? I think I get pretty close if not right on with my length. If I miss the spot I usually know if I shirt drew the bow.

From: GLF
Date: 21-Sep-21

If you have tp a clicker is almost mandatory if you expect to hit anything. If you do not a clicker makes very little difference out to 30 yards or so. It will help you in using your back also. Olympic rules are some of the strictest and they allow the but in trad archery people think they're cheating. Basically what they do is allow people to shoot who couldn't without them.

From: Boker
Date: 21-Sep-21

I tried them, didn’t make a lot of difference and I got tried of messing with it

From: Tdwhip
Date: 21-Sep-21

Rocky Mountain specialty gear sells a grip clicker. It is the best think that I've used for TP. Once you get it dialed in. It's money. Tom Sr. helped me in about 20 minutes he had me shooting pretty well but more importantly he had me understanding what I should be feeling with my shot. This morning I shot a 6 arrow group you could cover with a half dollar.

From: George D. Stout
Date: 21-Sep-21

Out to 30 yards it can make a big difference actually. Depending on how much you are creeping or not getting to draw. A half inch of draw can be pretty telling on the loose and it usually occurs as you are collapsing so your release is sloppy and that too will lose performance. If you think half an inch is nothing at 30 yards, you haven't measured it. Even as close as twenty yards it can mean a low hit and maybe out of the vitals. Nothing wrong with using clickers and it has been discussed here many times in the past year alone. Hit the archives.

From: Southpawky
Date: 21-Sep-21

Southpawky's embedded Photo

Had target panic for years, held above the target and even had my wife try to force my bow arm down and I fought her tooth and nail. I put a clicker on and within a few shots I was cured, my mind was worried about coming to the same spot and applying back tension until it clicked. Notice I didn’t say release because that will happen automatically once you pull thru the shot. I recommend one even if someone doesn’t have target panic, it’s just another tool to help be consistent every time, and that’s what archery is all about. Everyone that I know that started using a clicker thought there form was spot on and was amazed how inconsistent they actually was after installing one.

From: babysaph Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 22-Sep-21

George has is right. I shoot one on my bow and have since about 91 or 92. I know I am a maggot but it is the only thing that allows me to shoot the same speed each an everytime no matter how many shots I shoot. Shoot 100 arrows without one and see if you get to full draw every time. I know it is cheating but the deer don't mind. Well maybe they do. I love mine. Southpawky is right. That is me.

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