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Tembo62 21-Sep-21
Mtquiver 21-Sep-21
TradToTheBone 21-Sep-21
Will tell 21-Sep-21
Nemophilist 21-Sep-21
Shootalot 21-Sep-21
George D. Stout 21-Sep-21
trad_bowhunter1965 21-Sep-21
Nemophilist 21-Sep-21
Nemophilist 21-Sep-21
Jon Stewart 21-Sep-21
Babysaph 21-Sep-21
olddogrib 21-Sep-21
vikingbear 21-Sep-21
Jack Whitmrie jr 21-Sep-21
Don T. Lewis 21-Sep-21
redquebec 21-Sep-21
Phil Magistro 21-Sep-21
M60gunner 21-Sep-21
Live2Hunt 22-Sep-21
JusPassin 22-Sep-21
Lowcountry 22-Sep-21
Red Beastmaster 22-Sep-21
loose arrow 23-Sep-21
longbow1968 23-Sep-21
kaw369 23-Sep-21
Ovilla Bill 23-Sep-21
Trad Rick 23-Sep-21
GLF 23-Sep-21
White Falcon 23-Sep-21
aromakr 23-Sep-21
Yellah Nocks 23-Sep-21
Nemophilist 23-Sep-21
ahunter76 23-Sep-21
Live2Hunt 23-Sep-21
HighNTree 23-Sep-21
Nemophilist 23-Sep-21
RonG 23-Sep-21
blind squirrel 23-Sep-21
LDB 23-Sep-21
Stickbow Felty 23-Sep-21
MikeT 23-Sep-21
grizz 23-Sep-21
Tdwhip 23-Sep-21
Harleywriter 26-Sep-21
Wapiti - - M. S. 26-Sep-21
Seahorse 26-Sep-21
Tomas 26-Sep-21
From: Tembo62
Date: 21-Sep-21

Think about all the hunting stuff you can't get anymore...fiberglass (microflight) shafts, 5/16 treestand knobs, stajak arrow holders...

From: Mtquiver
Date: 21-Sep-21

10 pt buck with 24” spread, 5 1/2 years old

From: TradToTheBone
Date: 21-Sep-21

A hot 25 year old blonde.

From: Will tell
Date: 21-Sep-21

My memory

From: Nemophilist
Date: 21-Sep-21

My youth. "LOL"

From: Shootalot
Date: 21-Sep-21

Colored gasket lacquer.

From: George D. Stout
Date: 21-Sep-21

George D. Stout's embedded Photo

You can still buy similar to Sta-Jak, just not the same name. The Grayling arrow holder.

From: trad_bowhunter1965 Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 21-Sep-21

20/20 vision

From: Nemophilist
Date: 21-Sep-21

Nemophilist's embedded Photo

The shaft spider. I have two left.

From: Nemophilist
Date: 21-Sep-21

Nemophilist's embedded Photo

The Bear Claw Tree Steps.

From: Jon Stewart
Date: 21-Sep-21

All the box stores and trailer parts sales places have the 5/16 tree stand nobs. They are used on the trailer awning arms. I can't find the Saunders Plastic tabs. I was recently gifted on from someone on here but would like to find a spare.

From: Babysaph Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 21-Sep-21

Don’t need any of that stuff No market for it or it would be made

From: olddogrib
Date: 21-Sep-21

TTTB...a 65 year old gray-head with a pulse!

From: vikingbear
Date: 21-Sep-21

Inexpensive good quality wood shafts.

From: Jack Whitmrie jr
Date: 21-Sep-21

6 Broadheads for $21 like it was in 1989 :)

From: Don T. Lewis
Date: 21-Sep-21

Don T. Lewis's embedded Photo

From: redquebec
Date: 21-Sep-21

The biggest heartbreak in my life and my brothers' life...AFFORDABLE hunting land, 200 acres with a cabin as a family hunting camp.

Remember when all the men in a family took off work for opening week and everyone went to their respected family deer camps. All you need now is a half million dollars...

From: Phil Magistro
Date: 21-Sep-21

Jon Stewart - message me with your address. I have a Saunders tab and you’re welcome to if.

From: M60gunner
Date: 21-Sep-21

Wouldn’t mind seeing $29 Aluminums agian or maybe year end sales when Easton brought out new camo patterns for shafts.

From: Live2Hunt
Date: 22-Sep-21

The opportunity to go to your local archery shop and get what you need instead of always having to order it online. All Archery related shops around me look more like a gun shop.

From: JusPassin
Date: 22-Sep-21

The ability to hunt out of state without needing an attorney to read the regs and a banker to loan the money.

From: Lowcountry
Date: 22-Sep-21

Baker Tree Climbers

From: Red Beastmaster
Date: 22-Sep-21

Access to private hunting ground. Thousands of acres I used to hunt on are now posted. Really sad.

From: loose arrow
Date: 23-Sep-21

George, tried the Stay-Jak, but prefer the Grayling a whole lot more, because it is a lot easier to attach to the arrow shaft.

From: longbow1968
Date: 23-Sep-21

Definitely hunting land prices here in Georgia. I earn more than I did in the 90’s, but still not enough after everything else is added up to pay crazy club prices here.

From: kaw369
Date: 23-Sep-21

I still have my baker tree stand! It has given me many a rides in the past. I was young then and indifferent. LOL

From: Ovilla Bill
Date: 23-Sep-21

Those who havn't used a Baker climbing stand don't know what their missing.

From: Trad Rick
Date: 23-Sep-21

I remember buying cedar shafts for 25 cents each or $2.50 a dozen from Herters catalog. Can't do that anymore.

From: GLF
Date: 23-Sep-21

I payed 35 bucks per hundred for acme premium shafts matched to 10lbs spine and 45 buck matched to 5 lbs. I used to go looking for small town shops for deals. They sometimes had outdated prices on old stuff that didn't sell. Bought a 72 super k in a blister wrap new for 69 bucks in 83. And stocked up on Ace 160s for 8 bucks a pack in the 80s and restocked for 15 a pack in early 2000s.

From: White Falcon
Date: 23-Sep-21

Good knees. I have used and made Bakers.

From: aromakr Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 23-Sep-21

I remember $6.95/dozen zwickey's and a free Judo with every dozen.


From: Yellah Nocks
Date: 23-Sep-21

Miss my Northstarr Arrowstarr treestand. Levels while you climb. Base was lighter than the lone wolf snd it was INFINITELY adjustable to tree trunks. Used yhe lone wolf top with it, and the combo weighed about 10.5 lbs.

From: Nemophilist
Date: 23-Sep-21

Nemophilist's embedded Photo

After I got rid of my two Baker Treestands back in the 1970s I bought a Fox Squirrel climbing treestand around 1979/1980. It was better than the Bakers. I have never seen another Fox Squirrel climbing treestand again or even an advertisement for one in over 41 years. Here is a picture of a Fox Squirrel Climbing Treestand.

From: ahunter76
Date: 23-Sep-21

ahunter76's embedded Photo

Nemo, I used a fox stand in 1990 when I killed this Bear in Quebec.

From: Live2Hunt
Date: 23-Sep-21

Loggy Bayou climbing treestands, nice light to carry portable treestands. Wish I could still get them or parts.

From: HighNTree
Date: 23-Sep-21

Treebark Camo clothing.

From: Nemophilist
Date: 23-Sep-21

ahunter76, You are the first person I've ever heard of that used the Fox Squirrel climbing treestand besides me.

Live2Hunt, I still have my Loggy Bayou, I also have a Lone Wolf climber and two Summit climbers.

From: RonG
Date: 23-Sep-21

We have no trees left, the northerners are buying and clearing the land faster than my arrow can pass over it.

It doesn't matter I never used a tree to hunt anyway.

Even the everglades is quickly becoming the not so everglades.

Florida is not Florida anymore, it's the worlds largest retiree village.

I am glad I was here in the early days when there were no one for miles, water and alligators lined the edges on the roads, panthers would visit your back yard, and the only snakes we had to worry about were moccasins and rattlers, there were only two roads in and out of Florida, there were no four lane roads or interstates, the bridges were wooden. Game flourished, that will never be seen again. There still is millions of acres, but it all belongs to the DUDA Ranch conglomerate and you can't hunt on it.

There you go olddogrib don't shoot to high. Ha!Ha!

From: blind squirrel Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 23-Sep-21

Can’t find My arrow making tools but that’s just me ( I’ll just set that there for now) my biggest mistake is I loaned out some good books in the past I never got back ~ Fatzke Camo ~ many different kinds of tree stands n climbing systems, good deer hunting land is hard to come by for sure

From: LDB
Date: 23-Sep-21

I found one thing. Damon Howatt Hunter 54 pounds at a garage sale. $15, finish was a little checked. Sanded it down and refinished with a satin finish. Looks like new, don't know what I will ever do with it, but there it is.

From: Stickbow Felty
Date: 23-Sep-21

Neighbors that hunt with bows instead of crossbows

From: MikeT
Date: 23-Sep-21

MikeT's embedded Photo

This aluminum swag arrow cleaner is the bomb. I dont think they are made any more. Couple turns on the arrow and the nock grips so good almost dont need glue. I unscrewed it to show the 3 rods inside.

From: grizz
Date: 23-Sep-21

Damn RonG, was that before smokeless powder? And Black Beard was the only offshore problem. :)

From: Tdwhip
Date: 23-Sep-21

A drainage in Colorado that has Moore Elk then hunters in it. Damn you outdoor channel.

From: Harleywriter
Date: 26-Sep-21

Found a package of 160-grain Grizzlies (6 of em) that I paid $20 for sometime in late 90s or early 2000s. Also have several hundred cedar shafts that cost me less than $1 a piece and 100 ash shafts from silent Pond bought maybe 30 years ago. Do t know what I paid for them but the receipts will float to the top here in bit. Yeah, it’s a sickness - kinda like rock n roll but I like it.

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 26-Sep-21

Yep miss those new camo patterns for those old aluminum arrows. TSS climbing stand !

From: Seahorse
Date: 26-Sep-21

Prairie Ghost camo clothing. Everything today is made for dark eastern forests. In the west you just look like a giant black blob in that stuff. Nothing today comes close to matching the subtle light shades of the sagebrush country.

From: Tomas
Date: 26-Sep-21

Northern Wi. and upper Mich. before it was over run with wolves.

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