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Things that still give me (good) chills.

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George D. Stout 13-Sep-21
sammyg 13-Sep-21
HRhodes 13-Sep-21
Nemophilist 13-Sep-21
JusPassin 13-Sep-21
HRhodes 13-Sep-21
Kanati 13-Sep-21
George D. Stout 13-Sep-21
Hunter Dave 13-Sep-21
Will tell 13-Sep-21
tinecounter 13-Sep-21
NOVA7 13-Sep-21
Nemophilist 13-Sep-21
LDB 13-Sep-21
RD 13-Sep-21
Nemophilist 13-Sep-21
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LDB 13-Sep-21
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the Black Spot 21-Sep-21
Jim Keller 22-Sep-21
trad_bowhunter1965 22-Sep-21
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Lowcountry 22-Sep-21
782GearUSMC 22-Sep-21
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Yeller 24-Sep-21
From: George D. Stout
Date: 13-Sep-21

Or as Dad would probably have said, raises the short hairs on the back of your neck. :) This is not in any particular order.

Hearing but not seeing foot falls in the leaves behind your stand on a cool autumn morning.

The call of a Barred Owl just before daylight somewhere just above your head.

The click of antlers in the distance, or the soft grunt of a buck on the prowl.

A wet nosed fawn staring at you from about six feet with those inquiring eyes and twitching nose.

A group of coyotes beginning their communication at dusk as you make your way back to your car.

Having a black bear 'huff' at you in the pre dawn of a morning walk in the woods.

And, of course, having a ruffed grouse take off from darn near under your feet in a brushy patch of woods.

An A-10 Tank Killer flying over your yard at less than a thousand feet.

Let's hear some of yours.

From: sammyg
Date: 13-Sep-21

I have had a few things give me the heebie-jeebies while in the woods over the years I can think of. But the best one was having to cross our neighboring farmers pasture, with his permission of course, to get to my tree stand and having his bull glare at me for intruding on his space. I did have a pair of A-10's fly over my tree one time so low that I believe if they could've stopped and hovered I could've hit them with an arrow.

From: HRhodes
Date: 13-Sep-21

Waking up a sounder of feral hogs that were sleeping in their tall grass beds until I blunder into them on my way into the woods before daybreak. Specifically, the sound of the sow’s teeth popping her warning.

A covey of quail exploding from under foot.

Having a snake sized, under tension, limb bump my shin while I am working in tall grass. Thought of big rattler getting a bite of me will do it, without the added stimulus.

Paddling a narrow slough and realizing that low note and frying water sound is coming from a bull gator who has set up shop between me and my way out to the river….

From: Nemophilist
Date: 13-Sep-21

It was pretty cool.

Having a sow black bear with two cubs looking up at me snapping her teeth in New Brunswick Canada.

Having a cow moose with a calf in Colorado pissed off making a grunting noise at me when I was about 20 yards from her and the calf.

Having a rattlesnake in the tall grass rattle at me but I couldn't see him.

Hearing a bull elk bugling on a Colorado mountain early in the morning.

Hearing the grunting of a whitetail buck while he is chasing a doe.

Hearing a turkey gobble at day break.

Having a grouse scare you when he kicks up feet from you.

Hearing coyotes howling at night.

Hearing the canon being fired in the morning then reveille is being played on a military post, and watching the flag go up.

Hearing the sound of a M60 and M2 being fired.

Hearing a A-10 Thunderbolt ( aka: Warthog ) and the sound of it's 30mm rotary cannon is a blessing to a U.S. Army soldier like me.

There are a lot more...

From: JusPassin
Date: 13-Sep-21

Three squadrons of F-111's, 25 planes each flying in formation like massive geese, heading west over Las Vegas on their way to south east Asia, the year was 1972.

From: HRhodes
Date: 13-Sep-21

Dang brother. That’s a lump in the throat and a knot in the guts, and may go beyond goosebumps or neck hair.

From: Kanati
Date: 13-Sep-21

The bear thing! I no longer walk in until i dont need my flashlight. I also walk out before dark. NJ has too many!

From: George D. Stout
Date: 13-Sep-21

Pennsylvania is in the top 5 states for total black bear population, only surpassed by Maine and the northwestern states in estimated numbers. Still relative to deer, they are not high numbers...about 20,000 in our state.

From: Hunter Dave
Date: 13-Sep-21

Great list, George. Sounds like we've been hunting some of the same spots! The ruffed grouse that unexpectedly blasts off when you almost step on it is at the top of my list.

From: Will tell
Date: 13-Sep-21

When I was a youngster we lived in a old house with no heat upstairs. I woke up in the middle of the night and a Bat was at the top of my chest. His wings flapped my face when he took off. Still get the heebee jeebies when I see Bats

Date: 13-Sep-21

Walking into a skunk in the dark

From: tinecounter
Date: 13-Sep-21

Not all pleasurable but my hair raising moments have been and are:

Rattlesnake announcing I'm too close.

Returning from racoon hunt in the dark (three hunters, two dogs) about 50 yds. from chicken coop, the nearby piercing scream of a mountain lion. Supposedly no lions in the area. Hairs on neck and arms came to immediate attention!

Raising of our national flag, watching bodies of brave young American patriots returning home and taps. Choke up, tear up and raised arm hair every time!

From: NOVA7
Date: 13-Sep-21

Having those barred owls sound off when your not expecting it.

From: Nemophilist
Date: 13-Sep-21

Last year I had a hawk fly right at my face. I threw up my hands to protect my face and he veered off. I think that crazy hawk thought my gray beard was a squirrel. I'm thinking about dying my beard this year. "LOL"

From: LDB
Date: 13-Sep-21

I was hunting one piece of ground that is now public. Long uphill walk. Got to the top fields and saw a badger with it young and turned down the hill into the trees. 1971, I put a wedge stand in the crotch of an ash about 12 feet up. Years later, that wedge was still up there, in tighter than ever. I climbed it. Felt a little goofy up in a tree again after years of only ground hunting. Now for the scary stuff. About a half hour later, a hefty kid comes up the hill along the edge of the trees, huffing and puffy. Holding his old two wheeler by the string, camo jacket open showing a shiny orange and electric blue paisley shirt. He got up to where the farmer left a round bail at the edge of the trees, about 70 yards from me. He hung his bow on a branch and was circling for a landing with a bunch of toilet paper in hand. A total act of desperation on my part I whistled. woo that was close. Then about 20 minutes later I hear something above me coming fast. it was the hefty kid again. Yelling and whimpering like he lost his mama, no bow in hand, no camo jacket and the tail of his orange and electric blue paisley shirt flying in the wind, with a badger that I had seen earlier hot on his hills. That kid could really run. As the sun was setting I heard a loud metallic yip sound. Then I heard it on my left, then behind me, a bit later right above me and the worlds largest and most ferocious screech owl ever swooped in grabbed the arrow off of my longbow hanging on a dead branch. It started to fly off with it and dropped it. Then all was quiet and getting dark. Totally rattled, I missed half of the steps getting back to the ground. Picked up bow and my arrow and headed on the low trail back to my car, convinced that crazy badger was coming for me next. Never saw the kid with flashy shirt again.

From: RD
Date: 13-Sep-21

In Idaho cow calling Elk when the hair my neck stands up, turn around slowly and see a Mt. Lion staring back at me from 15 ft.

From: Nemophilist
Date: 13-Sep-21

Randy I know what you mean. A few times when I was bowhunting elk in Colorado I came across mountain lion tracks. I never saw the mountain lion but seeing the tracks sure woke me up.

From: Muddyboots
Date: 13-Sep-21

Worked up bull elk bugling within 40 yards

From: Supernaut
Date: 13-Sep-21

That unmistakable crunch of leaves and footfalls when a whitetail is approaching from behind me. Gets me every single time.

When I was funeral director, I was able to preside over the funerals of many veterans. Their caskets were always draped with the American Flag. At the conclusion of the graveside service we would fold the flag and I would present it to the next of kin. I would kneel, offer the flag and thank them for their loved one's service on behalf of our country. I would always get chills as I spoke the words and get it now as I type this.

From: LDB
Date: 13-Sep-21

I had a mountain lion respond to a deer call. I have had face offs with bears in canoe country and did not feel threatened. Something about that cat made me nervous. Turns out he made others nervous as well. Later i was shown a picture of me passing a trail cam. Two hours later the trail cam took a picture of that cat on the same trail. A few years earlier the game warden shot a big one near Rock Valley Iowa, seems it claimed a bow killed and lost deer. The hunter still looking for that deer days later jumped it. A short article here. valley/article_c6d7cbca-60e4-11e3-93d9-001a4bcf6878.html

From: Yellah Nocks
Date: 13-Sep-21

Was in my early 20's and had gotten out of the Air Force, and where I had been stationed I was very acquainted with experimental aircraft. Was morning hunting a tract closed to the public on State land open only to employees, of which I was. I was climbing my tree, a huge Oak with a shotgun barrel straight trunk. As I climbed, I happened to look up in the 3 am sky and observed a satellite travelling roughly NNW to SSE. I thought, "Isn't that cool how we can see into space at night?" I add that it was one of those very rare nights that the night sky had what you and I would call depth, you could See its immensity. As the satellite got almost perfectly overhead I whispered under my breath, "Peekaboo...I can see you." The "satellite" stopped on a dime. It then began sort of whirling in place, the shot OUT into space so fast that its flight path became a LINE, though curved. I crawled up into yhe stand and nocked an arrow ASAP, as it was yhe only weapon I had, because, I reasoned, "if those things are real, what else is out here with me?" Years later I found out that "those things" truly have their source in the demonic. Glaaaad I know God, I tell ya!

From: Taz
Date: 13-Sep-21

Still hunting along a small river on a still , wet morning in northern Michigan and having a beaver slap his tail three feet away … ain’t been good since!

From: LDB
Date: 13-Sep-21

The sound off coyotes getting ready for their evening mischief. sometimes I think there are too many where we hunt. I was fairly surrounded one evening heading back to my car. When I heard someone coming on the run. He caught up with me and he was scared, "Can I walk with you? Those yotes will get ja."

From: HEXX
Date: 13-Sep-21

I was working in an ammo dump in '69 when two F-4 phantoms buzzed me and their sonic booms almost made me fill my pants. Nothing in my 65+ years of hunting has been close to that.

From: JusPassin
Date: 13-Sep-21

I spent a year working on those F4's Hexx. They could really make a racket.

From: Wayne Hess
Date: 13-Sep-21

Just starting to get dark and have an Owl try to scalp You in your tree stand and about fall out, what, what was that.

From: 6bloodychunks
Date: 13-Sep-21

a lion roaring at dawn/dusk!

like a real african pennsylvania lol

walking to my ground blind a little late one morning at a farm i used to hunt, it was just barely starting to get light enough to see, when all of a sudden i hear a long slow RRRROOOOOAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

i instantly turned around and fast walked back to my car while these booming roars made my hair stand on end, got in my car and just sat there lol

when i saw the lights go on at the landowners house, i went over and knocked on his door and told him what i had heard.

turns out a dentist on the other side of his property had recently acquired a couple full blown african lions as pets LOL

:) after knowing that i quite enjoyed listening to them in the mornings/evenings.

From: Bob Rowlands
Date: 13-Sep-21

We've lived a few miles east of the AF Academy since 2000. I watch the annual graduation performance by the Thunderbirds, they sometimes fly right over our house. Several times over the years I have seen jets flying in a steep bank, and low enough to where I could easily see the pilots helmets.

As for critters, three of us floating Koktuli river in 1995, Alaska backcountry raft trip. One night just as we were dozing off we came to instantly while hearing grizzly walk by a few feet from our tent. None of us were breathing. That bear was maybe ten feet from the tent. It got into the cooler of neighboring camp. I ened up emptying a cylinder of .44 mag rounds over its head a short while later. Bear wanted into our tent. No dice.

From: Darryl/Deni
Date: 13-Sep-21

A clear dawn, any dawn Moonlight on water One morning I was wading down a sunken road in the Tomoka management area before dawn , up to my waist and wearing tennis shoes. Things I thought were sunken logs and sticks kept bumping my legs and un nerved me so I stopped moving . When they were still bumping me while standing still I got what you might called concerned .

From: Muddyboots
Date: 13-Sep-21

OK, planes are getting attention, so here is my moment- This was near Holloman Air Force Base- was driving down a remote dirt road that was in good shape. Going about 30 mph, miles away from anything. Truck started making terrible noise, then vibrating like crazy. Thought this was the end of the world! Then it got worse, then an airplane appeared thru the windshield. Big relief to figure out I had only been been buzzed. Most likely a F-16 at an estimated 100 feet. He came in behind me and I had no clue he was around.

From: GF
Date: 13-Sep-21

Slipping up on a single coyote as he started howling, then finding he had about 5 friends….

Almost stepping on rattler as thick as my forearm.

A beaver tail-slap right behind you as darkness falls.

St Elmo’s fire on your fly-rod.

Large-bore Bear scat & muddy paw-prints on the tent.

An Elk bugle close enough to feel the vibration.

A flock of geese. Still.

Eagles. Always.

And a very nice bull Shiras trotting (angrily) over to check out my brother and make sure he didn’t need an ass-whuppin’ to keep him away from his cow(s)…

From: Desperado
Date: 14-Sep-21

The cry of a loon on a remote Canadian lake....Priceless !!!!

From: Mtquiver
Date: 14-Sep-21

Great List George. MT

From: Scoop Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 14-Sep-21

When I am almost asleep in the recliner while reading this site, and I hear my wife rustling around really quietly in my hunting room in the basement.

From: olddogrib
Date: 14-Sep-21

X2 on the Warthogs. They flew training missions all the time over my hunting grounds in the Blue Ridge during the Middle East conflicts . They're awesome in the flatlands but nothing short of amazing coming through the mountains at low altitude. I have a career military son who did three tours, he'd concur they were the infantryman's best friend. Where the hills and hollows play tricks on your directional hearing, you'd catch that faint first roar...knowing you had mere seconds before you thought the thing was going to "denude" the tree you're in of fall foliage! Comforting thought to know your enemies were dead before that first whisper.

From: soap creek
Date: 14-Sep-21

Many years ago while above tree line in Colorado me and a buddy spotted some tracks. He said you know what these are, they are cat tracks. I said what's mountain lions eat clear up here? He looked at me and said "bowhunters".

From: Brian M.
Date: 14-Sep-21

Walking to my stand in the dark and putting my face squarely into a spider web. Not only did it give me chills, but I almost beat myself up getting it off. I hate spiders.

Hot air balloon floating over on a cool fall morning.

From: Tim Finley Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Sep-21

I was walking in to a bear bait in Manitoba . I had a five gallon bucket in each hand looking down at the trail and day dreaming when I got about 10 feet from the bait I looked up and there was a tiny cub sitting on the cribbing, then mama stood up on her hind legs behind the cribbing, she was as tall as I was, a big brown colored bear I tossed both buckets at her and headed for the four wheeler ,never looked back .

From: MnFn
Date: 14-Sep-21
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Walking into a bear bait and hearing loud huffing and claws tearing into trees, obviously just a few yards away.

From: CMF_3
Date: 14-Sep-21

Walking under a Turkey roost in the dark and they take off right above you.

From: shade mt
Date: 14-Sep-21

Came to a great big tree that had fallen over, trunk was to high to easily climb over, and going around wasn't easy either, it was really steep, thick and rocky. So I dropped down and slithered under it and came face to face with a big yellow phase timber rattler.

He could have easily nailed me in the face, but lucky for me he slithered down in the rocks instead.

From: 1Longbow
Date: 21-Sep-21

Cool crisp mornings See those tough little children on the St, Judes or Shiners commercials, with smiles on their faces. tougher than I am Elk bugles Sound of geese migrating at night coyotes howling at dawn and dusk

From: the Black Spot
Date: 21-Sep-21

Star spangled banner

From: Jim Keller
Date: 22-Sep-21

Jim Keller's embedded Photo


From: trad_bowhunter1965 Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 22-Sep-21

Being out in God's country seeing and hearing all the sights and sounds.

From: Red Beastmaster
Date: 22-Sep-21

The eerie silence of a cypress swamp being shattered by the sound of two big boar hogs fighting over a hot sow! Sounds like Silverback gorillas killing each other!

From: COknuckledragger
Date: 22-Sep-21

A big bull elk thrashing the other side of the spruce tree from me in the darkness. Me without a nocked arrow in the predawn/pre-legal shooting light having mental pictures of the almost yearly gored hunters and tourists...

Some vocals, guitar or sax solos.

Meteors talking through the eyepiece view of a telescope while doing astronomy.

Walking around the corner of the house and confronting a black bear at night.

Owls hooting.

Watching birds of prey diving on something and carrying off their prize.

Airshow antics.

Rocket launches.

People being successful after a struggle.

When God springs a new to me truth on me and I suddenly understand!

From: Lowcountry
Date: 22-Sep-21

Bull alligator mating call

Wood ducks coming alive at dawn

Unexpected Turkey gobbles

Unexpected Quail/Wood Cock/Duck flush

Big Canebrake Rattlesnake suddenly giving his warning

The soft splash of deer footsteps in the early morning swamp

From: 782GearUSMC
Date: 22-Sep-21

Going to my stand just as the sun begins to rise and thinking I see my ex-wife sitting in my stand with her hand outstretched and palm up.

From: Bearfootin
Date: 22-Sep-21

A couple years ago I was bear hunting over a bait I had set up.There had been activity at this bait almost every day so I was pretty pumped. The tree stand I was using was a ladder style with one 4’ piece left out so any shot wouldn’t be too steep. My feet were about 8’ from the ground and the stand was strapped to a white pine about 3’ across and act as a good background when I faced the bait which was about 15 meters (yards) away.

Just beginning to get dusk, and I heard a rustling noise from behind me. I couldn’t see around the tree so I slowly stood up and peeked around it. What’s this I thought…a lone bear cub shuffling towards my tree. Then I heard it scratching at the tree I was in. I leaned over the other side of the tree and …you guessed it, the other cub and a BIG sow about 5 meters away.

I had my longbow in my hands and my back-up 12 gauge with slugs hanging on a hook just out of reach. I just stood there on the stand as the sow and cub walked around the tree to the bottom of the ladder and she stood up and sniffed the ladder almost to my boots. Then there was more scratching on the other side of my tree and the other cub came scooting around and joined the sow and they waddled away down the trail …..the same trail I had walked in on and my trail heading back to my ATV in the dark. I made a lot of noise walking out that night.

I wouldn’t have taken a shot at the sow anyway, even tho it’s legal. But from then on I sit with my 12 gauge in my hands and my bow hanging on a hook LOL

From: Mike E
Date: 23-Sep-21

All of the above but the best is looking into my wife's blue eyes, that little peck on the cheek I get and she has the best hugs. Chills from the first time and I know them chills will always be there.

From: Ranger Joe
Date: 23-Sep-21

Our National Anthem! And the sound of Bag Pipes!

From: Draven
Date: 23-Sep-21

Blood still warm on a carcass and multiple wolf tracks around it. Wolves howling meters away the window in a cold winter night with full moon.

From: Tembo62
Date: 24-Sep-21

I don't pay constant attention to normal "woods " sounds when I'm in a tree like leaves crunching or stuff making noise on the ground but when I hear sticks break my antennas go straight up. Only 3 things around here brake sticks when they move through the woods, men,deer and sometimes turkeys.

From: dizzydctr
Date: 24-Sep-21

An unknown covey of quail getting up as I walk through the quiet woods will get my heart a'thumpin', but it's hard to beat the fear associated with being 20 feet up in a tree, and the approaching thunderstorm you thought would miss you, doesn't, and lightning is hitting trees within a few hundred yards of you.

From: Yeller Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 24-Sep-21

Bugles and gobbles. Ruttin Bucks

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