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Lefty 21-Mar-10
George D. Stout 21-Mar-10
GLF 21-Mar-10
Precurve 21-Mar-10
parsonbryant 21-Mar-10
Lil' Okie 21-Mar-10
fourfletch 21-Mar-10
Lech 21-Mar-10
Kelly 21-Mar-10
Kelly 23-Mar-10
Bruin 23-Mar-10
xp 08-Apr-10
Barebo 08-Apr-10
mfg bowyer 19-Nov-23
Bowhogan 51 19-Nov-23
Donut 20-Nov-23
Gun 20-Nov-23
Wudstix 20-Nov-23
From: Lefty
Date: 21-Mar-10

As some of you may know, my parents, Bill and Ellie Pyle owned Staghorn Archery. As I mentioned in a previous visit here, my father is now deceased. My mother worked with my father to build the archery business. Most people probably don't connect her so much with Staghorn as they do my father. Well, today is her big day. As you know, the women of WASP(Women Airforce Service Pilots) were honored recently in Washington D.C.with the presentation of the Congressional Gold Medal for their service during WWII. My mother wasn't able to attend, but later today U.S. Senator Russ Feingold will be presenting her medal to her at her residence. Considering the fact that 38 women lost their lives in service to their country in this capacity, I am in awe of all those who served as part of WASP. By the way, my mother and father(a P-38 fighter pilot) met in the service.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 21-Mar-10

That's awesome Barbara. Lots of things we don't know about great folks like your mom and dad. Send her our love and hugs and tell her we are very thankful for what they did. God bless, George

From: GLF
Date: 21-Mar-10

Your dad made my bows for me for a time. Great shooting bows they were. Thank your mother for me for what she did for our country. And a heartfelt congrats for her medal. We need more women like her... Gary

From: Precurve
Date: 21-Mar-10


Congratulations to your mother on a well earned tribute. I saw a wartime picture of your mother and father when I visited Mike Steliga of Bruin Bows last Summer; what a beautiful couple! You probably know which photo I'm speaking about. You should post the photo here for everyone to enjoy. The story of how your mother and father met, and the entire history of Staghorn is fascinating.


From: parsonbryant
Date: 21-Mar-10

WOW!!!Thats just awesome,PLEASE post the pic if you can."OL P:

From: Lil' Okie
Date: 21-Mar-10

Many thanks to your mom.

From: fourfletch Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 21-Mar-10

Miz Barbara Thanks for sharing an informational part of this special day with us. Blessings and thankful prayers for all of these special women who helped protect our country. Hugs and thanks to yoyur Mom Tom

From: Lech
Date: 21-Mar-10

Barbara, I grew up around your parents home and have some memories of visiting your mother and father. My father and his brothers also grew up hanging around the shop. We still continue shooting your bows today. I remeber meeting Ellie one day at the shop watching your father build a bow. I wil let dad know about this award presented to your mother. Eric Lechleitner

From: Kelly Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 21-Mar-10

Say Hi to your mother from me, Kelly Peterson. Used to shoot Stqaghorns and sold man y of them back in the late 1960's when I lived in Wausau.

Congratulations on your medal, Ellie and thank you for your service to this country and for all you and Bill did for bowhutning. It was appreciated and will not be forgotten.

From: Kelly Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 23-Mar-10

Here is a short video from WSAU TV n Wausau.

From: Bruin
Date: 23-Mar-10

Hi Lefty,

I'm a huge fan of Mike Steliga and I have eleven (11)Bruin bows. Mike and I have had conversations about your Dad; Mike speaks and edifies your Dad most honorably. Congratulations to all.

From: xp
Date: 08-Apr-10

xp's embedded Photo

I'm sorry I did not see this thread earlier. It appears the video is gone.

Barbara, I have fond memories of your parents. They both did much for archery, and for our country. I will try to post one of my favorite pictures of them. Tell Ellie congratulations, and thank you.

Thanks for sharing the information, Jim

From: Barebo
Date: 08-Apr-10

Much Gratitude and Respect and long overdue Congratulations are in order here. Freedom as we know it wouldn't be possible if not for folks like your Mom and Dad. My dad was a Bombardier in the 8th Army Air Corp. He flew 24 missions over occupied Germany in a B-17 - "Little Lulu". I'm glad that your Mother is receiving her Gold medal - I humbly thank her.

From: mfg bowyer
Date: 19-Nov-23

Say Hi to Ellie for me, meet your Mom & Dad in the early 60's when Imy brother & I bought our first bows from them. Over the years my wife & I shot for them when we lived in Waukesha & had many Staghorns but had a fire in 82 & lost them all. Spent a lot of time at the shop just north of Merrell. Your parents were GREAT people & I have missed them. I lived in Tomahawk from 59 to 66.

From: Bowhogan 51 Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 19-Nov-23

I would like to thank your mother and father for their service. God bless them and your family.

From: Donut
Date: 20-Nov-23

Thank you so much for sharing that very special part of your parents history. Thank them both for their service to this great country.

From: Gun Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 20-Nov-23

The original part of this thread is 13 yrs old guys.

From: Wudstix Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 20-Nov-23

History lives on.

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