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What is the Advanced Editing button for?
Why is there an Advanced Editing Option?
Why am I getting prompt to insert my Office 2000 Installation CD?
I am getting the error message "Incorrect key passed to editjs.cfm" why is that?
How do I go back to Standard Editing?
Is LW2 slower than the Original LW?
Why can't I right-click and paste text
How do I insert Pictures?

What is this button for?

We have two options for your convenience. A low-tech option and an advanced option. This choice will allow most people to use advanced editing features such as embedding photos, links, html text, fonts and colors. back to top

Why is there an option?

Strong browser security settings (above the default) as well as some corporate firewalls may cause issues with advanced editing. For that reason we give you the option of running it.back to top

I have chosen the Advanced Editing Option, and now I am getting a prompt asking me to install my Windows 2000 Office Installation CD - why is that?

Microsoft has a bug when surfing websites that use certain technologies. The details are posted on microsoft's website here - you have 2 options. You can insert the CD into your drive tray (which will correct the bug automatically) or you can follow the instructions on Microsoft's website. If you do not wish to do either, you can choose standard Editing. back to top

I am getting the error message "Incorrect key passed to editjs.cfm" why is that?

This error message happens when you have strong security settings, or certain security packages which block active-edit or similar type scripting engines on websites. You have two options, 1. tweak your security settings until the error goes away, or use standard editing instead of advanced editing. Either will fix this problem. back to top

I am having problems with Advanced Editing - How can I go back to Standard Editing?

Click this link to go back - this will reset you to standard editing mode. back to top

Is LW2 Slower than the original LW?

Yes, slightly. This is normal due to the added features and functionality within LW2. back to top

When running in advanced editing option, Why am I unable to right mouse click and paste text (as in cut and paste)?

This is because the text box is an active program, not a normal, static, text box. To paste text, copy it as normal, and then use the key combination of <ctrl><v> to paste the text. back to top

I see that some people have inserted graphics, how do I do that?

You must be using the Advanced Editing option. You will see an icon which looks like this Click on that icon and a pop-up box will appear. At the very top of that box you will see the text "new image".

  1. Click on that link and then click the browse button to scan your folders and files.
  2. Find your file, click on it and then click the upload link. This will place the file within the right hand list (Available Images) of files currently uploaded to our server.
  3. Click on the file you just uploaded and that will place it within the image window.
  4. Click on Insert Image and it will insert the photo into your post.

Note: It is very important that your photo meets our requirements. Many photos are too large to post on our forums. If the photo looks big in your post, it will be too big for everyone else. A good image size is 500 pixels or less. We appreciate your cooperation. back to top


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