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1964 Bear Kodiak, 45# 60"

Submitted: 08-Aug-22


Make: Bear
Price: $260.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: GOOD
Contact Seller: JHarchery

Detailed Description and Photos:

JHarchery's embedded Photo

According to Coppen, page 68 of Bear Archery Traditional Bows: "With the 60" AMO length 1964 Kodiak the modern Kodiak lines begin to take shape. The riser was constructed of bubinga backed and faced in bark gray glass and carried a brass standing bear coin. Many consider this model to be the smoothest, fastest shooting Kodiak ever produced." Note: the coin on my bow is silver. It looked to be brass, but that was caused by the yellowing of the finish. My bow had holes in it from a quiver and sight. I have filled and blended these. They are still noticeable, but only if you are looking for them. three holes just above the gold lettering and two holes above the coin, (see picture and decide for yourself). There is one faint stress crack lower limb back, does not affect performance and is typical of bows of this age. Price includes shipping in CONUS. PayPal plus the fee, delivered USPS priority mail. I would consider a LH Howard Hill in the 50-55# range as trade. Contact [email protected] or tell me your cell number for more pictures. Comes with new 10X string, ready to hunt. This is a great opportunity to get one of these rare bows at this price. A nice shooter, thanks, John.

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