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Ben Pearson 'Mustang' #716 Recurve 64" AMO, 50#

Submitted: 05-Aug-22


Make: Ben Pearson
Price: $165.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Copperhead

Detailed Description and Photos:

Copperhead's embedded Photo

Ben Pearson 'Mustang 716' recurve bow. Right-hand, 64" AMO, 50# @ 28". Very good to excellent condition. Very smooth drawing and very stable due to AMO length 64", nearly 2" wide limbs and massive riser. Very fast due to short limbs and long handle riser. Exotic wood riser with brown glass limb facing and black glass backing. Face and back tip overlays for strength and appearance. There is an "S" stamped on right side of lower riser which I assume means 'second'. The only reason I see for this is a small open grain on the opposite side of lower riser where spec's are written. There's also three small plugged holes on right side of sight window. Regardless, this is a beautiful bow. Includes new Flemish-style string. Price is plus exact USPS Priority Postage to your ZIP.

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