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Morrison Cheyenne

Submitted: 18-Jun-22


Make: Morrison
Price: $700.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: topGUN

Detailed Description and Photos:

topGUN's embedded Photo

I have for sale a bow I never thought I would sell. Just have been shooting the short hybrid longbows and that's what I am sticking with. This is a lefthanded bow. Has the 15" riser with "C" limbs making a 58" bow. Its 56lbs at 28". Dymondwood riser and limbs have bamboo cores with clear glass on belly and canebrake snakeskins on the back. Also has a checkered grip. Also have a set of hardly ever seen Cheyenne longbow limbs. They are also "C" limbs making a 58" bow. I "think" they have foam cores with black glass on belly and carbon on back. They are 46lbs at 28". PM me for pics. This is really a looker. Price is $750 shipped for all of it. NEW PRICE $700 SHIPPED. Payment by USPS money order. Thanks, Jeff

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