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$425 Hoyt Car. Element

Submitted: 16-Jan-22


Make: Hoyt
Price: $425.00
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Bou'bound

Detailed Description and Photos:

Bou'bound's embedded Photo

Hoyt Carbon Element G3 KRKT Cams & ProArc Limbs This bow is in great shape and has been one of three bows used over the past few years so use has been light. I have applied black paint to the riser at the handle grip. It has new 60X rigging set installed, as well as a brand new 60X spare rigging set. The rest is a QAD Ultra-Rest (the higher end model, not the “Hunter” model), and a custom Hoyt 2-piece quiver. The peep sight and D-loop are installed, but can easily be adjusted to fit. The draw weight is 60-70 pounds and the draw length is adjustable on the cam at 28-30”. The bow is set at 29” now, but simply moving the peg will change the draw length within the range noted. No other parts needed. The cams system is the #3 RKT Cam and1/2 and the tune charts are available at The limps are ProArc. The site is a Montana Black Gold 5 pin Flashpoint site. It also has a Limbsaver stabilizer attached. The cost of the bow and noted accessories and replacement rigging is $425 delivered to your door. I have more photos available if you are interested or could do a Facetime video of the bow if you would like. If you bought the bow and did not find it to your liking I would take it back and return your $425, but you would pay for return shipping to me. I can be contacted at [email protected]

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