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LH covert hunter 19" riser

Submitted: 14-Jan-22


Make: border archery
Price: $480.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: GOOD
Contact Seller: hutch48

Detailed Description and Photos:

hutch48's embedded Photo

this is a 19" left hand riser has Phenolic Carbon reinforced, Shedua center section , with the new bolts you can put on with no wrenches. this is in good shape has normal ware marks of being used . has my rest on, the phenolic gives wt to the handel in pictures you see the carbon lines in phenolic. i had the grip worked so ist a less mass so my had could get around it and feels real good and handel was refinished, and your hand fits right in and very stable. I do Money orders. price includes shipping. send to [email protected] for more pictures or questions

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