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Bear Limited Edition Custom Kodiak A TD 45 #3 Limb

Submitted: 13-Jan-22


Make: Bear Archery
Price: ($547,861.00)
Category: RECURVE
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: knapper47

Detailed Description and Photos:

knapper47's embedded Photo

Bear Limited Edition Series 2 of 4 Kodiak Custom Take Down Number 231 of 250 This is for one Bear Kodiak Custom Right Hand 45# Bow. This is part of the Limited Edition Series and comes complete with limbs, riser, string, case, and all documentation including Certificate of Authenticity. The embroidered case has a matching number to the bow. I believe that they are all sold out now. This bow is truly an archery collector's dream come true! This bow is an A Riser with #3 limbs making it a 60" AMO bow I purchased this shortly after they came out. It has never been shot or put together. It is new. I did open the plastic that contained the string and I put it into the string pouch in the case. I have decided to let someone else enjoy the ownership as I already own more Bear takedowns than I can ever shoot. Quite honestly I felt it was too beautiful to shoot as I have several other risers and limbs. Price is $1,400.00 TYD Insured in the lower 48.

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