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Opa Bow 38# 196fps

Submitted: 03-Jan-22


Make: OPA bows Peter Laffin
Price: $700.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: leemeyers

Detailed Description and Photos:

for sale OPA bow by peter Laffin right handed never shot experimental bow siyahs asr=9gpi 196 fps 500grain 163 fps 38# @ 28 66" endlwss loop string w beaver silencers experimental bow i have never shot this bow, i have a few other of Peter's wxperimental speed bows. and i really love them. These bows were created for there high speed at lower draw wieghts. His bows are not only superfast but also are known to be indestructable.. He was not know for his asthetics, but the amazing speed and function. Unfourtunatley Peter Laffin passed on a few years ago. The only reason i am selling one of his bows is i want to fund a Ilf hunting rig. cd wf 21. contact if interested [email protected]

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