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24" Kids Arrows

Submitted: 22-Nov-21


Make: RB
Price: $45.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: rbatect

Detailed Description and Photos:

rbatect's embedded Photo

I started making kids arrows for my son years ago and have continued over the years for archery friends and stick bow members. These are 1/4" x 24" cedar arrows, the shafts are rated for up to 30#. I pay a lot of attention to these arrows, they have 60 grain steel target points. They fly like little darts out of kids bows. My son won many cub 3D contest with these arrows. I can make them in a variety of colors , these are some I recently made. I can make 1/2 doz different colors if desired. $45 / dozen plus $12 postage. Christmas is coming and these make a great gift for the little archer in your family. These were some arrows I recently made . I get busy around the holidays so order now.

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