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Misc. Laminate Bow Building Supplies

Submitted: 01-Jan-18


Make: n/a
Price: $1.00
Category: SELFBOW
Condition: GOOD
Contact Seller: Flint Morgan

Detailed Description and Photos:

Flint Morgan's embedded Photo

I have a large quantity of laminate longbow making supplies, including: 11 pieces of split bamboo 3 bow templates 2 jigs several bundles of arrow blanks (spliced) 1 Tru-Center shaft taper tool 1 Jo Jan fletching jig 6 shaft (w/ straight and right helical clamps) 1 Young feather burner (w/ 2 extra wires) 1 tape of "hunting the bamboo backed bow" (w/ Dean Torges) 1 coffee can aprox. 3/4 full of field tips 3 arrow shaft jigs 11 small jars of nocks (multiple colors) 1 receipt for some of the blank shafts (total $127.35) And a handful of misc items that i can't identify. Many more pics available at request. Please contact me with any questions thanks, Flint

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