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Joined a local club

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born2hunt 17-Apr-24
Stick Hippie 17-Apr-24
M60gunner 17-Apr-24
MarkL 17-Apr-24
From: born2hunt
Date: 17-Apr-24

Well I joined a local club thats been around a long time. Im fairly new to the area. Ive only met a few guys so far, as theres usually not many guys there when i have gone. But man has it been great walking the 2 courses with my kids and shooting the longbow. Anybody that has a club near i cant recommend it enough.

From: Stick Hippie
Date: 17-Apr-24

We have two local clubs; 1 is traditional only, the other is mixed, I’ve been a member of both for nearly 15 years in one and 10 in the other.

From: M60gunner
Date: 17-Apr-24

You are fortunate. The closet outdoor range to me is run by the state. There fees aren’t what I would call club friendly. One thing I miss about the club I was active in when we lived in CA. Almost every Sunday our “group” would meet and shoot our clubs 3D course. I didn’t mind all the years I was either an officer or board member or the hours spent doing physical labor on the range.

From: MarkL
Date: 17-Apr-24

born2hunt, what club?

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