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youth or kids bow?

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dakotabowhunter 14-Apr-24
Butch 72 14-Apr-24
JBM 14-Apr-24
TradToTheBone 14-Apr-24
Linecutter 14-Apr-24
BigJim 15-Apr-24
From: dakotabowhunter
Date: 14-Apr-24

I am looking for opinions. I have two grandsons, one 9 and one 5. I have been having them shoot my old kids bow from when I was very young. I am looking to upgrade the bows for them. The 9 year old is a little easier to figure out but the 5 year old is small for his age and I wonder if its worth it to get a kids bow or a youth bow for him? I just know if I get the older brother a different bow the younger will be sad because he's stuck with Grandpas old bow. I'm looking for advise on which bows to look at? If I knew they were going to be serious shooters I would not hesitate to purchase one from one of the custom ones that are out there. I believe the 5 year old will keep shooting as he loves the outdoors and likes shooting with Grampa, the older one is not as interested as his little brother. Any advice from people on bows to consider will be helpful. Thanks everyone. Also any experience with a custom youth bow would be nice too. ;)

From: Butch 72
Date: 14-Apr-24

I have Three Grandsons, two just turned 12 and one is 10. Last year I bought a Yellowstone "Spike" Youth Bow. 39# @28". Of course at the Kids shorter draw length it is less #. Three lams of maple with Black glass 62" long. I think it is built on the same form as their Adult bows. It is a hard shooting no nonsense bow that the boys will be able to use for years as they Grow. I shoot it quite a bit. It was $260.00 shipped last year. I would buy it again.

From: JBM
Date: 14-Apr-24

BRAD? A: You don't HAVE to buy CUSTOM. "Some of the bows on 3 rivers or Lancaster will do just fine? You can always check with RMS GEAR or maybe BIG JIM for slightly USED BOWS?

B: Does somebody like MAD-DOG still have the trade up deal going on?


From: TradToTheBone
Date: 14-Apr-24

Take a look at Elk Ridge Archery. There’s a few sizes to choose from and offer a trade in / trade up program. Good luck.

From: Linecutter
Date: 14-Apr-24

My first suggestion is to find out which eye dominate they are. Then have them learn to shoot with the dominate eye hand. I have 3 right handed nephews, that are left eye dominate. We started them shooting a bow left hand to learn the coordination of drawing and shooting that hand. DANNY

From: BigJim Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 15-Apr-24

We carry a great youth bow for $99.99. Draw weights range from 15lbs at 24"s to 30lbs at 24"s. Thanks, bigjim

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