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FIRST SHOT.........Tuesday, April 9th

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CD 09-Apr-24
Skeets 09-Apr-24
Rooty 09-Apr-24
Nemophilist 09-Apr-24
Snow Crow 09-Apr-24
sticshooter 09-Apr-24
Knifeguy 09-Apr-24
felipe 09-Apr-24
From: CD
Date: 09-Apr-24

Today's shot will be 16 yards from a sitting or kneeling position.

God bless,


Date: 09-Apr-24

GUTPILEPA's embedded Photo

16yrds 1 sitting 1 kneeling 60# Fedora 560 400 spine carbon arrows

From: Skeets
Date: 09-Apr-24

Nice shots! Nice arrows. I still like barred feathers. Nice camo hat!

From: Rooty
Date: 09-Apr-24

Rooty's embedded Photo

As called. Barbee's lil brother working good

From: Nemophilist
Date: 09-Apr-24

Nemophilist's embedded Photo

16 yards from a sitting and kneeling position.

Red nocked arrow First Shot - Sitting.

Yellow nocked arrow Second Shot - Kneeling.

1997 Bear Super Kodiak, 60#, Cedar Arrows.

From: Snow Crow
Date: 09-Apr-24

Snow Crow's embedded Photo

From a bear squat: First (vanes) low and left; 2nd (feathers) skewered Wilson's remnant; third (bareshaft) was center low.

Thanks CD.

55# Montana, 2117's.

From: sticshooter
Date: 09-Apr-24

Nice shooting guy's<><

From: Knifeguy
Date: 09-Apr-24

Knifeguy's embedded Photo

Shot the 58# Kodiak Magnum and a cedar arrow kneeling. That’s some good arrow flinging fellas, glad I didn’t ruin the streak with mine. Have a good rest of your day everyone! Lance

From: felipe
Date: 09-Apr-24

felipe's embedded Photo

Raining here so I did the shot seated and huddled up under my patio umbrella, which required increasing the distance to 23 yds. Border unidirectional carbon Harrier and Axis carbon arrows.

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