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FIRST SHOT.......Thursday, April 4th

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CD 04-Apr-24
Nemophilist 04-Apr-24
Kwikdraw 04-Apr-24
Bowhogan 51 04-Apr-24
Snow Crow 04-Apr-24
JBM 04-Apr-24
grizz 04-Apr-24
felipe 04-Apr-24
Basinboy 04-Apr-24
From: CD
Date: 04-Apr-24

Today's shot will be a turkey shot from a seated or kneeling position at 13 yards, but hold for a count of 3 half way through your draw.

God bless,


Date: 04-Apr-24

GUTPILEPA's embedded Photo

1 sitting 1 kneeling 13yrd turkey shot held half way to the count of 3 60# Fedora 560 Hunter 400 spine carbon arrow

From: Nemophilist
Date: 04-Apr-24

Nemophilist's embedded Photo


Turkey shot from a seated and kneeling position from 13 yards, held for the count of three at half draw.

First Shot - Head Shot - Seated.

Second Shot - Body Shot - Kneeling.

1997 Bear Super Kodiak, 60#, Cedar arrows.

From: Kwikdraw
Date: 04-Apr-24

Kwikdraw's embedded Photo

Thnx CD, shot as called, smoked turkey this morning! Y'all be safe and take care!

From: Bowhogan 51 Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 04-Apr-24

Bowhogan 51's embedded Photo

Sitting shot as called with a good turkey blind bow. A Rose Oak - Heritage TD - 58" 50#@27. Thanks CD

From: Snow Crow
Date: 04-Apr-24

Snow Crow's embedded Photo

As called from a bear squat: first was a 2216 (l), then a 2117 (r).

Thanks for the shot call CD.

55# Montana, 4x2 feathers.

From: JBM
Date: 04-Apr-24

GREAT ARROW FLINGING! Turkeys better line up tickets on DELTA and migrate for a while? GOOD HUNTING & BLESSED BE!

From: grizz
Date: 04-Apr-24

grizz's embedded Photo

FS high second low. As called Old Mountain Mesa and 1916’s . Thanks CD and y’all have a great day.

From: felipe
Date: 04-Apr-24

felipe's embedded Photo

One knee down like Howard did it. Four Axis arrows shot; three went slightly right because I lead a running bird. Bow was the magical Border Harrier.

From: Basinboy
Date: 04-Apr-24

Fine shooting guys!

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