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JBM 04-Mar-24
hawkeye in PA 04-Mar-24
hvac tech 04-Mar-24
tradslinger 04-Mar-24
Stan 04-Mar-24
Wudstix 04-Mar-24
Homey88 04-Mar-24
gradymaci 04-Mar-24
Takedown 05-Mar-24
Benbow 05-Mar-24
Witherstick 05-Mar-24
Wayne Hess 05-Mar-24
Big-D 05-Mar-24
Jimmyjumpup 05-Mar-24
Red Beastmaster 05-Mar-24
Murray Seratt 06-Mar-24
Bjrogg 06-Mar-24
Keefers 06-Mar-24
hvac tech 06-Mar-24
Wapiti - - M. S. 06-Mar-24
Bob Hildenbrand 06-Mar-24
Stix 06-Mar-24
hvac tech 06-Mar-24
reb 06-Mar-24
From: JBM
Date: 04-Mar-24

Hi Folks...HVAC has contracted that damned VIRUS! Prayers up that He will FULLY RECOVER "without" any of the after effects! Puh-Leeeze & THANK YOU!

From: hawkeye in PA
Date: 04-Mar-24

Sheesh Joe, you ought have better things too do/catch. Prayers sent.

From: hvac tech
Date: 04-Mar-24

Well its still out there I had it about four years ago .This time it was worse than before but we are slowly getting better my wife had it first she is about two days ahead on recovery .thanks for the prayers.

From: tradslinger
Date: 04-Mar-24

get better as quick as you can, this time it had longer effects afterwards for us. prayers for you and family

From: Stan
Date: 04-Mar-24

Prayers sent for strength and healing..

From: Wudstix Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 04-Mar-24

Get rested!!!

From: Homey88
Date: 04-Mar-24

Get well soon!

From: gradymaci Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 04-Mar-24

Praying for you and the wife for quick recovery..

From: Takedown
Date: 05-Mar-24

Get well Joe

From: Benbow
Date: 05-Mar-24

Be well! I had it and then my wife came down with it. I’m pretty much over it, but my wife is still really dragging. Take care everyone!

From: Witherstick
Date: 05-Mar-24

Prayers for both

From: Wayne Hess
Date: 05-Mar-24

Prayers Sent

From: Big-D
Date: 05-Mar-24

Prayers sent from michigan

From: Jimmyjumpup Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 05-Mar-24

Prayers from WV

From: Red Beastmaster
Date: 05-Mar-24

I talked to Joe. He's starting to come around and is feeling better. His wife has covid as well and is feeling better too.

From: Murray Seratt Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 06-Mar-24

Prayers sent.


From: Bjrogg
Date: 06-Mar-24

Get well soon. Lots of stuff going around here. I don’t know what they all were but I had four of them. Survived them all. Get some rest and try not to get dehydrated


From: Keefers
Date: 06-Mar-24

Prayers up I had it 3 times and it can wear you down and takes time to fully recover .

From: hvac tech
Date: 06-Mar-24

Its seems like this variant is worse than others.

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 06-Mar-24

Praying for HVAC from Maryland.

From: Bob Hildenbrand
Date: 06-Mar-24

Get better brother. Strictly Sticks is on the 17th

From: Stix
Date: 06-Mar-24

Praying in Colorado.

From: hvac tech
Date: 06-Mar-24

Thanks for the prayers and all your continued support .We are getting better every day .

From: reb
Date: 06-Mar-24

Prayer sent.

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