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Favorite way to practice?

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dakotabowhunter 04-Mar-24
Nimrod 04-Mar-24
dakotabowhunter 04-Mar-24
Wyo_John 04-Mar-24
Nemophilist 04-Mar-24
Supernaut 04-Mar-24
Andy Man 04-Mar-24
Andy Man 04-Mar-24
Wudstix 04-Mar-24
Witherstick 04-Mar-24
Jed Gitchel 04-Mar-24
TradToTheBone 04-Mar-24
fdp 04-Mar-24
HEXX 04-Mar-24
Live2Hunt 04-Mar-24
JBM 04-Mar-24
Bearcurve59 04-Mar-24
RonG 04-Mar-24
B.T. 04-Mar-24
Oldsledfoot 04-Mar-24
Red Beastmaster 04-Mar-24
Lastmohecken 04-Mar-24
White Falcon 05-Mar-24
Brockett 05-Mar-24
Lenny 05-Mar-24
Greenstyk 05-Mar-24
From: dakotabowhunter
Date: 04-Mar-24

With the spring weather coming to everyone pretty soon, what is your favorite way to practice shooting? 3D, target, or roving-stump shooting? For me it's a form of roving as I like to throw a tennis ball and then shoot at it from many unmarked distances, could be anywhere from 10-30 yards. I also have 4 3D targets but mostly I shoot at leaves around the property or my tennis ball.

From: Nimrod
Date: 04-Mar-24

Yep, I throw my tennis ball around the yard. If I miss it gets tossed again. If I hit it I shoot another arrow after it……….Nimrod

From: dakotabowhunter
Date: 04-Mar-24

Yes John, and I can shoot at the tennis ball with either blunt, judo, field tip or broadhead. Works great and tennis balls are tough and cheap. :)

From: Wyo_John
Date: 04-Mar-24

Tennis ball is my favorite too! I always keep one in my truck just in case. It's very satisfying when you center punch it.

From: Nemophilist
Date: 04-Mar-24

Nemophilist's embedded Photo

3D shoots, in my yard, or in my 20-yard basement range and sometimes with Supernaut which I enjoy. I have a couple 3D deer targets, a couple bag targets, and some tennis balls I shoot at. I shoot off my deck for elevated practice. Sometimes I stump shoot.

From: Supernaut
Date: 04-Mar-24

Supernaut's embedded Photo

I like a little bit of everything as well but my favorite shooting is when I get to it with my friend Frank (Nemophilist).

We have a good time in his yard and I'm hoping we will hit some 3D's this year now that his hip and my shoulder are healed up.

From: Andy Man
Date: 04-Mar-24

Stump shooting rove with the dog

From: Andy Man
Date: 04-Mar-24

Stump shooting rove with the dog

From: Wudstix Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 04-Mar-24

I envy you folks with property to shoot on, I'm limited to a postage stamp yard and one 18+ yard shot.

Date: 04-Mar-24

I love shooting at balloons and dangling ping pong balls and throwing a milk jug around

From: Witherstick
Date: 04-Mar-24

We attend 3D shoots quite often. However our main practice consists of shooting at block targets turned around to the all black face. Why? We discovered long ago that while it is fun to shoot at small targets occasionally they also provide the small spot to focus on by their very size. By shooting at plain targets that are uniform in color we must learn to “create” the spot. We pick a quarter corner to shoot prior to practice.

As a result, when facing a target or animal will a spot to focus on, it’s much easier. Likewise, when looking at an animal in low light or seemingly no “spots,” you are prepared to mentally create your own.

Also, we typically use one arrow fr practice. We shoot and then think about what was right or wrong about the shot.

It has worked create for my Wife and I for many years.

From: Jed Gitchel
Date: 04-Mar-24

Hard to beat stump shooting with good friends.

From: TradToTheBone
Date: 04-Mar-24

Milk jugs and various sized balls tossed on the grass at anywhere from 6’-40 yards. I could shoot all day.

From: fdp
Date: 04-Mar-24

Stump shooting/roving by far.

From: HEXX
Date: 04-Mar-24

No two shots from the same distance, that means no groups. Rules make field ranges a no go, sorry.

From: Live2Hunt
Date: 04-Mar-24

This year, shooting a light bow and working on form at my target.

From: JBM
Date: 04-Mar-24

Just curious about the tennis balls? Which color do Y'ALL use? The usual greenish deal or the ORANGE style? Seems like a Blunt or a JUDO Head would make the tennis balls last a bit longer?? Hope that Y'ALL having fun? BLESSED BE!

From: Bearcurve59
Date: 04-Mar-24

Stumping/Roving my favorite but I enjoy a mixture. Cardboard cutouts in woods Lotta fun!

From: RonG
Date: 04-Mar-24

Leaves, sticks anything I can spot. I have always loved to do this using only one arrow. I like to do this better than using a target. I don't shoot over 20 yards because the flatter angle I will lose an arrow under the grass, our grass has rhizomes and you will never find an arrow under it.

From: B.T.
Date: 04-Mar-24

Ping pong balls.

From: Oldsledfoot
Date: 04-Mar-24

3 -D and bag targets around my yard/farm , I walk with arrow nocked and try to draw and shoot quick for hunting practice . G Fred style . But the question was what’s my favorite , and that would be 50 and 60 yard shots at big square target made from foam square . I love to watch the arrow fly on those long shots .

From: Red Beastmaster
Date: 04-Mar-24

I have a feed sack course in the woodlot behind the house. That's my favorite practice.

From: Lastmohecken
Date: 04-Mar-24

I tend to do mostly what Witherstick talked about.

I have mostly quit putting up a small spot to hit on a target, although I still do sometimes. But mostly, I create my own spot in my mind on a blank bale of hay.

I also stump shoot fairly often. I did some swinging target shooting on a string, last year for a while. I need to rig up another one of those setups, only better than the last one I did. I find that to be a lot of fun.

And I guess I am going to do some 3D competition shooting, this year at Cane Creek Archery Club in Prairie Grove Arkansas, this spring. I just found out about it from my nephew, and he wants me to go with him. It's a Traditional only archery shoot. The first shoot is March 30th So, I am currently trying to decide on which bow to tune up some arrows for, to take.

Date: 04-Mar-24

MUZZLEBOW's embedded Photo

I’m fortunate that I can step out in my backyard (in the middle of town) & shoot up to 25 yards at my 3d’s. I’m also able to drive across town to our club which has 20 3d’s & a 14 target field course for use year round.

From: White Falcon
Date: 05-Mar-24

I like to sit in the shade with a cold beer. I shoot a couple and let the dog bring my arrows back, When I run out of beer the practice stop.

I really like to shoot from different yardages, and I have no Dog, but I do have something cold to drink! :) :)

From: Brockett
Date: 05-Mar-24

Walking on our wooded trails stump shooting.

From: Lenny
Date: 05-Mar-24

I like to practice the way i hunt,out of a tree stand!

From: Greenstyk
Date: 05-Mar-24

I shoot the foam deer a lot during deer season. When it’s not deer season I stump shoot plus shoot 20 oz. plastic bottles scattered around trails on my property. I use hex blunts except on the foam deer.

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