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Drop Tine Bows

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Adam Howard 03-Mar-24
sticshooter 04-Mar-24
Adam Howard 04-Mar-24
bowhunt 04-Mar-24
Adam Howard 04-Mar-24
Archre167 04-Mar-24
Nimrod 05-Mar-24
Gofish 05-Mar-24
From: Adam Howard
Date: 03-Mar-24

Anyone shootin one , Tonys from Georgia, sounds like an awesome fella and his bows look really nice ,, Thanks Adam

From: sticshooter
Date: 04-Mar-24

Have not heard of him. But Think ways back someone made a takedown longbow with the handle Droptine?

From: Adam Howard
Date: 04-Mar-24

Got a 64” 3 pc Recurve on order, only 15” riser, this is what I’ve been askin other bowyers for, should help my aching elbow, lotta working limb , will be butter smooth and his chrono shows very quick, but I’m more concerned with comfort than speed, of the pics he sent me , beautiful work ….

From: bowhunt
Date: 04-Mar-24

Those look nice.I did find the 64 inch recurve looked interesting.He called it a super curve from what I remember.Do not here much about them.

Good luck with it and give us a report when you get it?

From: Adam Howard
Date: 04-Mar-24


From: Archre167
Date: 04-Mar-24

Tony is on FB a lot with pics and some older videos

From: Nimrod
Date: 05-Mar-24

I just checked these bows out. They are really nice looking. I like his one piece recurve the best by the looks of it. Good luck with yours Adam!………Nimrod

From: Gofish
Date: 05-Mar-24

Great bows made by a great guy

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