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How many of us got started!

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JusPassin 02-Mar-24
bentstick54 02-Mar-24
fdp 02-Mar-24
ahunter55 02-Mar-24
Knifeguy 02-Mar-24
Andy Man 02-Mar-24
TGbow 02-Mar-24
Wapiti - - M. S. 02-Mar-24
4nolz@work 02-Mar-24
RonG 02-Mar-24
Nemophilist 02-Mar-24
jjs 02-Mar-24
TradToTheBone 02-Mar-24
Linecutter 02-Mar-24
2 bears 02-Mar-24
buster v davenport 02-Mar-24
Boker 02-Mar-24
bearbowjunky 02-Mar-24
Jimmyjumpup 02-Mar-24
Phil 02-Mar-24
Brockett 02-Mar-24
garnet65 02-Mar-24
buster v davenport 02-Mar-24
sticshooter 02-Mar-24
Rocky 02-Mar-24
Big Sig 02-Mar-24
Zbone 02-Mar-24
Zbone 02-Mar-24
grizzly 02-Mar-24
HEXX 02-Mar-24
Red Trail 02-Mar-24
tradslinger 02-Mar-24
Mindful 02-Mar-24
Danny Pyle 03-Mar-24
curve51 03-Mar-24
skeetbean 03-Mar-24
onager 03-Mar-24
casekiska 03-Mar-24
Nemah 03-Mar-24
shortdraw 03-Mar-24
Kwikdraw 04-Mar-24
Rick Barbee 04-Mar-24
Live2Hunt 04-Mar-24
RonL 04-Mar-24
the Black Spot 04-Mar-24
Zbone 05-Mar-24
Eric Krewson 05-Mar-24
Rick Barbee 05-Mar-24
BigB 05-Mar-24
reddogge 05-Mar-24
From: JusPassin
Date: 02-Mar-24

JusPassin's embedded Photo

Just found this photo on Facebook. It says it's two boys from Dubuque Iowa out having fun. Looks like the way I started.

From: bentstick54
Date: 02-Mar-24

That’s the way I got started.

From: fdp
Date: 02-Mar-24

Yep...pretty much.

From: ahunter55
Date: 02-Mar-24

ahunter55's embedded Photo

Done that many a time. I say I started archery/bowhunting in 1956 as that is why I bought my 1st "real" bow & joined a club. Took my 1st Deer in 1958.

From: Knifeguy
Date: 02-Mar-24

Yep, any stick that would bend and not break became a bow! Lance

From: Andy Man
Date: 02-Mar-24

Yep like the picture -an old Italian shooe maker made me a bow just like that and while they made up spaghetti I shot around his place and on mushroom hunts he did through the woods

From: TGbow
Date: 02-Mar-24 far back as I can remember we had some kind of bow..our earliest bows were home made..then came the all fiberglass bows, bout 15-20 lbs. Got my first real bow in 1974, Indian Archery recurve Dad bought from the BX.

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 02-Mar-24

I didn't get started in archery until about the age of 11 or 12.My neighborhood's son's got a bear bow they shared & then i got an all fiberglass double shelved bow. They lived by me near the Delaware River. That was near Narrowsburg New York on the Pennsylvania side of the river.

From: 4nolz@work
Date: 02-Mar-24

got started at Boy Scout Camp a million years ago

From: RonG
Date: 02-Mar-24

That is exactly the way I did it stick, string and saplings for arrows around 1954.

From: Nemophilist
Date: 02-Mar-24

Nemophilist's embedded Photo

I got started in 1969 when my Dad bought me a 1969 45# Bear Green Fox all fiberglass bow. I still own the bow.

From: jjs
Date: 02-Mar-24

First introduction to archery when I was about 3 yrs old, my brother pushed me down the basement stairs and ended up with a field arrow sticking in the roof of my mouth, can say I was stuck with it ever since. Did have to go at that time a speech therapy if it was called that.

From: TradToTheBone
Date: 02-Mar-24

Gene and Barry headed out for big whitetails.

From: Linecutter
Date: 02-Mar-24

Yep, mine were made from a Box Elder Tree for bow and shafts, and Butchers Twine. Man I loved those days. DANNY

Date: 02-Mar-24

Yep that’s how I got started

From: 2 bears
Date: 02-Mar-24

Yep That is exactly how I started. Usually willow or china berry limbs & chord. Arrows were some kind of hollow weed that grew in the area. They were the straightest thing but often split. Don't recall using any thing for fletching either. >>>-----> Ken

From: buster v davenport
Date: 02-Mar-24

The neighbor kids and I got started the same way on the backyard lilac bushes around 1954. bvd

From: Boker
Date: 02-Mar-24

Made a lot of bows out of kite string and a bent sapling. Had no idea then it turn into a way of life.

From: bearbowjunky
Date: 02-Mar-24

Cut down maple saplings in the back yard until my parents (Santa) got me my Red Bear in 1973 or 74 and very happy to say I still have it.

From: Jimmyjumpup Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 02-Mar-24

Those kids are going to put their eyes out. Lol

From: Phil
Date: 02-Mar-24

Hazel from the hedge row for the bow, electric fence wire for a string, garden canes for arrows, chicken feathers for fletching and horse shoe nails for points.

From: Brockett
Date: 02-Mar-24

My older brother gave me a 30 lb Hoyt Scout in 1973. I still have the same bow today.

From: garnet65
Date: 02-Mar-24

My older teenage brother,Tony, bought a (Pearson?) fiberglass bow with his newspaper route money when I was still in elementary school. He let me shoot it, and eventually in gym class we had archery. The teacher hung an apple over the bullseye, and declared that anyone who hit the apple gets a free ice cream from our cafeteria. Well, you guessed it. I nailed that apple, and won the prize. The teacher wasn't pleased as I was not one of his soccer playing favorites (I was a starting lineman every year I played football through high school), but he paid up. He was a real a**hole.

Ah the memories!!! >>>--->

Be safe.


From: buster v davenport
Date: 02-Mar-24

Our friend George also got started the same way around 1954. Get well soon!! bvd

From: sticshooter
Date: 02-Mar-24

yup made our bows from willow branches and twine, shooting potato sacks full of leaves.<><

From: Rocky
Date: 02-Mar-24

Been there done that.

From: Big Sig
Date: 02-Mar-24

Exactly how I Started. My dad would get couple square bales from farmer and I would shoot into them. Still have that all fiberglass bow plus a wood one that I started with

From: Zbone
Date: 02-Mar-24

Zbone's embedded Photo

Around 1968-69, aside from tree branches and kite strings, my first bow was a 1967 Pearson 333 Jet Bow Kit...

From: Zbone
Date: 02-Mar-24

Zbone's embedded Photo

Receive Christmas 1967, I was 8 years old, came as this kit...

From: grizzly
Date: 02-Mar-24

Fiberglass Ben Pierson If I remember correctly. Dad brought it out camping in the state park. Us boys would shoot those arrows straight up. Probably around 7 yrs old 1970.

From: HEXX
Date: 02-Mar-24

70 years ago I was helping a neighbor kid clean out his dad's garage, found an all wood longbow he said I could have for all my help. Started shooting and never stopped. No one taught us the right way to draw and hold. After both torn rotator cuffs, I am now learning the right way. Hopefully the next generation will be taught better.

From: Red Trail
Date: 02-Mar-24

Home made bows at first, but my father was so overly cautious he could suck the fun out of ANYTHING. Thank God for Boy Scout Camp, 4nolz..

Then mom brought home a garage sale find...

From: tradslinger
Date: 02-Mar-24

Same way for me, made bows from everything that made something like a bow. Arrows from anything as well. Bow strings from everything we could find. Then I graduated to a Pearson all glass bow and slowly finally a real recurve and eventually to a glass Longbow, a Dan Quillian Bamboo Long Hunter.

From: Mindful
Date: 02-Mar-24

Likewise for me…bent sticks flinging anything straighter….stalking pigeons and chickens on my grandparents farm…….precious years.

From: Danny Pyle
Date: 03-Mar-24

Wish I was that lucky, didn’t get started into archery until I was 34. Traditional at 44. Missed out on a lot of years.

From: curve51
Date: 03-Mar-24

Looks like when I started out in the late 50's. Lucky because my dad bought a red fiberglass bow when I was 8. At 14 I shot my first deer in '65 with a 45# Bear Golden fox bow, fiberglass arrows and razorhead bh. Been at it ever since except for time with Uncle Sam.

From: skeetbean
Date: 03-Mar-24

I start with bows and arrows made green limbs from trees , I bought my first recurve in 1977.

From: onager Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 03-Mar-24

onager's embedded Photo

At our great uncles' farm in Jefferson WI, 1962.

From: casekiska
Date: 03-Mar-24

casekiska's embedded Photo

Virginia, about 1948-49. Myself, my sister & Bamber. I'm holding what may very well may be my first bow,...for sure made by my dad for me,...the beginning of my archery journey,...sure have enjoyed the ride,...bowhunting in WI, out west, and in Canada,...killed my share of critters over the years,...still bowhunting at age 79 and plan to for as long as is possible!

From: Nemah
Date: 03-Mar-24

Same start for me...1952 in Spokane, WA. RKK

From: shortdraw
Date: 03-Mar-24

Zbone, I had the same set just a different color. I still have the bow.

From: Kwikdraw
Date: 04-Mar-24

Same for me, Ligustrum branches, bows and arrows!

From: Rick Barbee
Date: 04-Mar-24

Exactly how I started.

Mesquite or Willow limbs for the bows, and Iron Weeds for the arrows.


From: Live2Hunt
Date: 04-Mar-24

You bet, anything that would bend and not break.

From: RonL
Date: 04-Mar-24

RonL's embedded Photo

My father bought me the bow from an Indian Chief at the beginning of the Mississippi. Fell in the same day trying to walk on rocks like the big kids did. My father got interested in archery and with others founded an archery club in 1953. About that time I got a 28# Coe longbow. A very short walk from the house we hunted Minnesota gophers and Carp the lake.


From: the Black Spot
Date: 04-Mar-24

Made bows from broken kites. Used the wood from the cross members.

From: Zbone
Date: 05-Mar-24

Zbone's embedded Photo

Yeah shortdraw, my cousin had a red/white streaked colored one... There were several Pearson Jet bows back in that era with different colors and different handle/grips and sight windows...

Don't know what happened to mine but always wanted to get another one for the nostalgia... After long researching I tried to find my exact model in the kit and learned they only made the yellow/white streaked colored ones a couple years... Anyhow, finally in 2020, one came up on ebay and I bought it... Had to pay 50-some bucks for it but it's exactly the same one I had as a kid...

I probably shot more arrows out of that bow and any other bow I ever owned... I was self taught and learned how to shoot a bow with it shooting almost daily (except for maybe Jan/Feb) and after about a half-dozen years turned into a big boy and bought a Ben Pearson Cougar from Western Auto with my lawn mowing money...8^) Heck I still have a scar between my index finger thumb from shooting worn out kids arrows with raised feather fletching digging into my hand over and over not allowing the wound to heal... I went through torture to lean how to shoot a bow...8^)))

From: Eric Krewson
Date: 05-Mar-24

My first bows were made of a green red cedar limb stung up to be a bow. Surprisingly it would shoot an arrow about 30 yards but would only hold up to an hour or so of shooting and lose all of its cast. When my makeshift bow quit shooting, I would get out my pocket knife and cut me another limb to use. I was around 8 years old.

We used a dried weed that had a very stiff trunk for arrows, no fletching.

From: Rick Barbee
Date: 05-Mar-24

[[[ "When my makeshift bow quit shooting, I would get out my pocket knife and cut me another limb to use." ]]]

LOL - Yep, and sometimes 3 or 4 times a day.

The Mesquite held up pretty good though.

The Willow would get pretty limp fairly quick.


From: BigB Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 05-Mar-24

My grand dad got me a Ben Pearson Jet at a yard sale when I was like 12 and I was hooked, I did get a compound for about 3 years but went right back to a recurve by the time I was 18 and by 20 was shooting a longbow.

From: reddogge
Date: 05-Mar-24

Arrows were dowels with bottle caps hammered over the ends to make "broadheads".....mid '50s.

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