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Briar 01-Mar-24
Scoop 01-Mar-24
RonP 01-Mar-24
fdp 01-Mar-24
MCNSC 01-Mar-24
Jimmyjumpup 01-Mar-24
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jjs 01-Mar-24
Phil Magistro 01-Mar-24
Don T. Lewis 01-Mar-24
treehermit 01-Mar-24
fdp 01-Mar-24
2 bears 01-Mar-24
B.T. 01-Mar-24
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Wudstix 01-Mar-24
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Wapiti - - M. S. 04-Mar-24
From: Briar
Date: 01-Mar-24

So like big jim I got the covid and am stuck at home for a week. I never take time off work so this is quite unique for me. As I'm in the basement I start to be overtaken by the amount of archery related gear I've accumulated. Im nearing what point do you start moving off some of this stuff....and is it worth it to do so in the modern shipping world? Am I best to keep it and never have to replace anything or keep it in case strength and ability changes? Any thoughts?

From: Scoop Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 01-Mar-24

Briar, i’m 75 this month and just retired. That started the cleaning out of two rooms of hunting stuff. My opinion is I don’t need two drawers full of knives and sharpening stones and sticks. Nor do I need eight packs and that many haversacks. I have a couple of dozen bows and we’ll over 500 various wooden arrows, half with sharpened broadheads on them.

What I need to be happy (or happier) is just what I started out as a bowhunter with and maybe just a little more: one darn good 4-inch belt knife, an excellent four inch pocketknife with an awl, one longbow and likely a back-up for the car door slamming day, and three dozen arrows. A lighter, a can of army surplus canned heat, and old army canteen, compass, small tin of Bag Balm for crotch rub, two bandaids for blisters, some baling twine,and I’m off for a great day in the woods.

All the rest seems to be window dressing and fall into the wants category and not the needs group.

Thank goodness I have sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, and a spouse who like archery and/or bowhunting because they are going to get a lot of really “cool” stuff they may think they need but really don’t—not to have fun and enjoy this life. Anything left over will be going to friends, archery groups, and complete strangers with my blessings and best wishes.

With that said, now it is time for coffee and to glance through the Three Rivers catalog to see “what I really need...”

From: RonP
Date: 01-Mar-24

well, i am quite a bit older than you and started unloading gear a few years ago. most of my archery excess was sold here, in the classifieds. some was given away, donated, and some was thrown away.

as for the timing of when to do this, it is entirely up to you and your personal situation. if you are relatively young, healthy, financially secure (or will be), and have kids that may want it when you die, obviously there is no rush or maybe even a need to think about it now.

i do not know what you mean by "the modern shipping world." shipping is still shipping, it just cost more as does everything else. everything you buy has shipping cost.

the thing i struggle with is firearms and where/how to get rid of them. local gun shops do not want consignments or to buy outright and i do not want the hassle of selling online, if that is even possible.

From: fdp
Date: 01-Mar-24

"at what point do you start moving off some of this stuff."....whenever you think you want to. I'm older than you and the thought hasn't crossed my mind.

Date: 01-Mar-24

I’m 65 and have many of the same thoughts as Scoop. I’ve been moving some stuff, was just looking at my knives yesterday, I have 3 customs and a couple new factory knives that I’ve never used and never will. I help take care of my 92 year old father and 90 year old mother. I’m dreading having to deal with their stuff when it’s time. That’s one of the reasons I think about getting rid of stuff I don’t use. Been selling my old machinist tools lately, shipping has gotten out of hand.

From: Jimmyjumpup Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 01-Mar-24

I’m 67 and I have been getting rid of stuff for years. I am realizing I don’t use a lot of this stuff so I am getting rid of it. I give most of it away.

From: Bellaodin
Date: 01-Mar-24

I'm 58 and had a bunch of bows and gear. So about 2 years ago I started trading it all off for knifes. Soo now I have a ton of knifes , that I like to trade off for stuff. Cheaper than shipping Bows lol. And for this sickness I can blame Don Lewis..

From: jjs
Date: 01-Mar-24

One comes in with nothing and will leave with nothing and leave it for the one's you left, they will either praise you or cuss you, it doesn't really matter.

Side note: I've been reducing down my good stuff and leaving the junk behind :)

From: Phil Magistro
Date: 01-Mar-24

I've been downsizing bows for a while, primarily because I can't shoot the weights I used to. Of course I sell two and buy one. I still have a lot of stuff like Scoop, buckets of arrows, decades of glue on points, nocks, gloves, tabs...... I know my son want's some things but he's in Seattle and I'm in PA.

Getting cancer kind of hastens the feeling about cleaning things up but I'm not putting it piecemeal on Marketplace or some Facebook group and I have no idea how to unload a pickup truck worth of items.

I talked with a friend and may have a lead. No real hurry but I would like to start the process only because it is constantly in my face every time I go to my workshop.

From: Don T. Lewis
Date: 01-Mar-24

LOL Your welcome Frank:)

From: treehermit
Date: 01-Mar-24

Has anyone tried an auctioneer? I don't know if it's a good idea or not but I see them for firearms.

From: fdp
Date: 01-Mar-24

Kelly Petersen used an auction company to sell a lot of his things I believe.

From: 2 bears
Date: 01-Mar-24

At 50 I wasn't even thinking of slowing down. It was still petal to the metal. On my 50th birthday I got up, drove 100 miles to the deer lease, hiked out to my chosen tree, climbed up & was sitting comfortably, well in time to see dawn break & the woods come alive. Thinking all is well & life is good. My understanding wife held my birthday get together until midweek. There are only so many weekends in the archery season & I wouldn't miss one.

At 82 I guess I should start thinking about it but I am great at procrastinating. I am trying to trade down for lower draw weights when ever I see something interesting, I may offer a trade. I just don't like to advertise. I don't keep count but somehow the herd of bows keeps growing & I don't have anyone to leave them to. >>>>-----> Ken

From: B.T.
Date: 01-Mar-24

I have a friend who has gone to estate sales for many years, he has over 1,000 bows and probably multiple thousands. I’ve seen what he pays for collections, so I’m planning to keep my stuff. When I’m dead I won’t care at all about it, I’m alive now so I do care and enjoy.

From: dnovo Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 01-Mar-24

I'm 68 and have sold bows I know I won't shoot anymore mostly due to weight. Other things like my freighter pack went recently. I don't buy stuff like I used to as I know I don't need it. I have more broadheads and shafts than I will ever use, too many knives and books but haven't parted with any of that yet.

From: Wudstix Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 01-Mar-24

I'm 65+ and have been going through the garage cleaning and organizing. Definitely don't need any more bows or arrow shafts. Been tossing stuff that I held on to but have no use for. Yard sale is another option.

From: Skeets
Date: 01-Mar-24

Grandchildren, nephews and nieces. They might appreciate heirlooms. And young archery club members. When your at an older age, "young" spans a lot of ages!

From: Supernaut
Date: 02-Mar-24

I will be 52 in a couple months.

I've never been a collector of anything including hunting and fishing gear. I have a good bit of gear related to both pursuits but I use it all. Don't get me wrong,I absolutely love researching, looking for and getting new gear but I only get what I need or am going to use. If I were to cash out today my wife knows that all my stuff would go to my son and my friend Frank (Nemophilist).

Do what makes you happy. Our tickets are only good for one ride here.

From: JBM
Date: 02-Mar-24

For THOSE who might THINK about giving stuff away, Maybe "tradeslinger" could use the items to PASS THE TORCH??


From: B.T.
Date: 02-Mar-24

If I get rid of my cherished possessions, what will I look at, what will I touch, feel and admire? I have friends who shot into there 90s, they shot very well and successfully hunted big game into their mid 80s. Lord willing, I have decided to keep my cherished possessions and not to get old for another 20+ years.

From: Coop
Date: 02-Mar-24

Man this question hits home. I'm soon to be 66. I have a boat load of homemade recurves that, not bragging, but I'd put up against any custom bows. Tons of archery supplies and tools that I know neither of my SIL's have zero interest in or remotely knows what it is.

I got rid of a ton of archery stuff years ago that people who knew I was in the Ol time archery equipment for free.

To be honest I'd give it to someone that appreciates it but I'm not about to package and pay shipping.

Sadly I see it all going to auction when I'm gone or dumpster food.

From: tradslinger
Date: 02-Mar-24

I've been setting new shooters up, 16 so far

From: Jeff Durnell
Date: 02-Mar-24

I'll be 58 in two months, have a lot of stuff and I'm still building, accumulating and using it. Still cutting trees, seasoning wood, buying and making tools, materials, learning and honing new skills. Still lots of fun to be had.

From: Caughtandhobble
Date: 02-Mar-24

Well, I have 4 sons and 3 of the 4 like bows, knives and guns. I have been passing out hunting related items to them over the last few years. With that being said, I still have more hunting items than I could use in 3 life times :)

From: Vaquero 45
Date: 02-Mar-24

If some of you "Gents " think you've blown big bucks on trad gear , tags , licenses , firearms , custom knives , horses , trucks, outfitters, small aircraft etc . Try a " Mistress " collection ! .......

From: Maclean Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 03-Mar-24

I'd say if you're not going to use it, why keep it? Unless of course you have kids and grandkids to pass it down to. For me personally, my archery/hunting gear keeps me young because it keeps me engaged. I'm either planning or dreaming about the next hunt, or actually out hunting, or shooting in the yard or stumping with friends, or at a 3D shoot, etc. This activity is really good for me both mentally and physically, and at 66 that's important. I don't think I've ever felt better than I did last September, elk hunting in the mountains. I try not to over acquire stuff, preferring to get just what I need. That being said, I do have a weakness for nice bows, and currently own 6, and somehow have ended up with too many quivers ... don't know how THAT happened.

From: White Falcon
Date: 03-Mar-24

I have my share of hunting things. I have 3 boys and none are interested in any of it. Don't know what to do. Might donate to the Boy Scouts so they can have a auction and raise money for a trip to Philmont.

From: Dan Jones
Date: 03-Mar-24

Unfortunately, with shipping costs being what they are today, the easiest thing to do is just throw things away. It's a damn shame - absurd, really - to do that . . . but there it is.

From: fdp
Date: 03-Mar-24

There is no reason to throw any thing away. I have -0- thoughts of ever selling any archery gear.

If you don't have anyone who wants it you can always donate it to the Boy Scouts as mentioned, the Girl Scouts, 4-H shooting sports clubs, church groups, etc. All of those are tax deductible donations and in the end you would probably come out better no starkly any way.

From: RonL
Date: 03-Mar-24

79 next month, guess I should think about getting rid of stuff I don’t use. Nice thing about being retired is there is time to think about it.


From: Beendare
Date: 03-Mar-24

When i started to lose track of everything I had- I started to give away/ sell stuff.

KISS is good

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 04-Mar-24

Looks like I'll be getting rid of most of my stuff. Just not happy about the way shipping is right now.

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