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Making Otzi's Bow

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cobra 25-Nov-23
Lowcountry 25-Nov-23
Buzz 26-Nov-23
jk 26-Nov-23
Andy Man 26-Nov-23
bowhunt 26-Nov-23
Wayne Hess 26-Nov-23
Lastmohecken 27-Nov-23
Precurve 27-Nov-23
Jay B 27-Nov-23
tim finley 28-Nov-23
Mindful 28-Nov-23
smrobertson 29-Nov-23
From: cobra
Date: 25-Nov-23 si=Js1cIFK4z1TvN0it

From: Lowcountry
Date: 25-Nov-23

Really cool! I’m only part way in on the video, but really cool! Interesting how the modern bow will compare the the original Otzi bow.

From: Buzz
Date: 26-Nov-23

Great vid, thanks.

From: jk
Date: 26-Nov-23

How much did Oetzi pay this guy and what's his website.

Serious man at work!

From: Andy Man
Date: 26-Nov-23

very interesting thanks

From: bowhunt
Date: 26-Nov-23

Nice video.Nice bow!

I Would like too harvest a deer with a bow like that someday!

From: Wayne Hess
Date: 26-Nov-23

Good Video, Good Build, and good shooting

From: Lastmohecken
Date: 27-Nov-23

Good vid! I have felt the need to build a selfbow and kill a deer with it for a long time. I guess I haven't done it yet is because I am challenged pretty hard just to get good at shoot a laminated recurve or longbow and get deer killed with those. But I have had some sucess over the years.

I am thinking maybe a Hickory is the best to learn on, since I don't think any special backings are required.

Anyway, good vid, and I found the nock ends of that bow, interesting, as no cuts are made.

From: Precurve
Date: 27-Nov-23

Really enjoyed this video. Pretty clear that Otzi wasn’t lacking performance with his 5000+ year old bow design. His original Yew bow would have been formidable.

From: Jay B
Date: 27-Nov-23


From: tim finley Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 28-Nov-23

A real crafts man and he works so fast his hands are a blur .

From: Mindful
Date: 28-Nov-23

What a treat to view such craftsmanship !

Thanks for sharing.

From: smrobertson
Date: 29-Nov-23

We have witnessed a true craftsman at work!

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