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make a bow from a piece of trim board?

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Dan Jones 20-Oct-23
cfox 20-Oct-23
fdp 20-Oct-23
tradslinger 20-Oct-23
4nolz@work 20-Oct-23
Phil 21-Oct-23
S Quinton 21-Oct-23
S Quinton 21-Oct-23
S Quinton 21-Oct-23
Bob Rowlands 21-Oct-23
Jeff Durnell 21-Oct-23
Corax_latrans 22-Oct-23
Papadeerhtr 22-Oct-23
Sailor 23-Oct-23
Focusource 23-Oct-23
From: Dan Jones
Date: 20-Oct-23

Today I happened upon a red oak trim board at Home Depot - nice straight grain for 6' x 1/4" I think I see a light draw weight bow in that board. Can it be done? Why not? Has anyone ever seen plans to make a bow out of a trim board? Any help on these questions will be appreciated.

From: cfox
Date: 20-Oct-23

That board doesn't know it's a trim board or a bow. With the right design and careful construction it absolutely can make a light weight bow. suggestion: use the straight grained board for the back and laminate another 1/4" board to it for the belly. Then laminate a 8inch piece as a handle. Use a good wood glue, sand the gluing surfaces with a sanding block and medium grit paper before glue up and clamp every 3 or 4 inches. You could even induce some reflex in the stave at glue up for a mild Perry reflex. Tiller as if it were a single piece of wood.

From: fdp
Date: 20-Oct-23

It's mostly about grain structure. If it's good it will work.

It's just a board.

From: tradslinger
Date: 20-Oct-23

grain, grain, grain

From: 4nolz@work
Date: 20-Oct-23

Jawge taught others about the red oak board bows maybe someone has a link to his webpage.

From: Phil
Date: 21-Oct-23

Quote ... " That board doesn't know it's a trim board" ... excellent comment

From: S Quinton
Date: 21-Oct-23

That's sounds like a 1x2 Tim Baker bow.

From: S Quinton
Date: 21-Oct-23 thread2.cfm?threadid=332081&CATEGORY=4

From: S Quinton
Date: 21-Oct-23

Sorry wrong link

From: Bob Rowlands
Date: 21-Oct-23

A board not knowing what it is. haha good one.

S4S 3/4 oak boards at Depot and Lowes are very easily checked for grain. The stores are very well lit. The face and edge are nicely planed and reveal the grain. The end grain immediately shows growth ring spacing and uniformity. Being a 3/4 board any tendency to warp and twist and cup is immediately apparent when eyeballed from the end. The 3/4 oak I've bought at Depot has typically been setting there quite awhile and that dimension acclimates fast here in semi arid Colorado. I've never made a self bow, it might be too dry. Beats me.

From: Jeff Durnell
Date: 21-Oct-23

Wood can be many 'static' things, in countless forms, without being good enough or relevant to our needs. But for our dynamic, demanding applications, wood is as it DOES, or doesn't. It doesn't all do what we need it to do.

It either does it or it doesn't. Whether we form/force it into our preferred shapes for consumption as a fancy looking piece of trim, flat board, fence post, table top, ridge beam, or whatever is almost completely irrelevant to its usefulness as bow wood. Other individual attributes are more important. Yes, potentially at least, a piece of trim, or anything made of wood, COULD be made into a decent bow. The majority cannot. A select few might.

From: Corax_latrans
Date: 22-Oct-23

I’m trying to recall whether a glass or Tyvek backing is a virtual get-out-of-jail-free card on a board bow….

From: Papadeerhtr
Date: 22-Oct-23

I personally never had luck with red oak,but have made quite a few with hickory boards and they shoot nice.

From: Sailor
Date: 23-Oct-23

Jeff Durnell x 2. I have made many red oak board bows. It is all about the board you choose. If chosen carefully it will make a great bow but the majority are not worth the effort. I like to back mine with bamboo. The last one I made for one of my grandsons amazes me. It is very fast and accurate and after 100’s of shots it has not developed any set and still maintains its backset. If you are careful and patient in is construction the rest is all about the wood you choose.

From: Focusource
Date: 23-Oct-23

This page was written by Jawge, the late George Tsoukalas. I sure do miss seeing his name on the Leatherwall.

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