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Clay Hayes building YEW BOW

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Batman 03-Aug-23
MStyles 04-Aug-23
Batman 04-Aug-23
BowAholic 04-Aug-23
Ranman 04-Aug-23
From: Batman
Date: 03-Aug-23

Hi Folks, maybe New to some where CLAY HAYES builds a bow out of a seasoned Yew log? About 29 minutes.

From: MStyles
Date: 04-Aug-23

I’ll check it out Batman, thanks.

From: Batman
Date: 04-Aug-23

Hi FOLKS! BIG DUMMY forgot to paste the link! Extreme apologies!

From: BowAholic
Date: 04-Aug-23

thanks...nice bow... and his other video with the crazy Molly bow is cool too.

From: Ranman
Date: 04-Aug-23

Nice video

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