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Good day, gave the Grandson a bow

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tradslinger 27-Jul-23
Batman 27-Jul-23
bentstick54 27-Jul-23
awry 28-Jul-23
From: tradslinger
Date: 27-Jul-23

It was a great day for sure. My oldest Grandson came by for several hours. He works for the Corpe of Engineers as a Ranger for the parks. Just a couple days ago he had to recover another drowning victim, a 12 year old boy. This was also his 12th death that he has had to deal with since he started working there three years ago.

After the usual greetings and so on, I began showing him several of my selfbows. I showed him how to string them and then we went out to let him shoot them.

He got excited at one of my shorter bows, 52" 43# @ 26". it was a character bow and he loved it. He got to shoot them all but kept coming back to the character bow.

At ten yards he was hitting tight around the one inch rubber ball I had hanging on a string. Even out to 15 yards he was doing pretty darn good so I gave it to him.

We went over string and unstringing and he was on cloud nine. He kept saying how it just seemed to fit him and he like the smaller grip because of his hand size. The bow was actually a Bendy Bow with a leather wrap grip. He already had an arrow with a judo point so I gave him some rubber tips.

He is ready to do some stump shooting now. Besides for hunting, the stress relief of just shooting for fun was very appealing to him. Before he left, he told me that no matter what he shot, even a little yearling, it would be like a Boone and Crocket buck to him. He was already thinking of places to hunt with it.

So, another one of my selfbows to a good home. Gotta love it!

From: Batman
Date: 27-Jul-23

Got somebody started on the LONG PATH! OUTSTANDING!

From: bentstick54
Date: 27-Jul-23

It’s a great thing to get your grandkids involved Jerry. We need more young people to fall in love with archery and the outdoors in general if this way of life is to survive. Good on you for doing your part.

From: awry
Date: 28-Jul-23

Sorry he’s had to deal with that in a short time on the job

Kudos to you for giving the bow. Hopefully you can spend more time together shooting

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